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United States History I

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United States History 1

United States History I features an interactive timeline, live learning feedback, embedded video, automatic grading, and full customizability, covering until 1870. United States History utilizes interactivity to engage students in topics such as British Forays into Colonization, The Federalist Era and the reconstruction of America.

“I enjoyed the videos because they provided more information and helped with the comprehension process. Another thing was the images, being able to see and feel what they felt through their facial expressions were outstanding.”

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Authoring Content

Sara Eskridge

Lead Author

Sara K. Eskridge

Sara Eskridge teaches courses on recent U.S. History, Foreign Policy, and Historical Film at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA. Her areas of specialty are 20th Century U.S. History, the Modern South, the Civil Rights Movement, media history, and cultural history. She has published several articles and book chapters on southern mediated images during the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War and is currently writing a book on rural comedies of the 1960s.

Contributing Content

  • Michael Carver, Contributor
  • Linda Marie Clemmons, Contributor
  • Michael Frawley, Contributor
  • Lance Janda, Contributor
  • Volker Janssen, Contributor
  • C. Samuel Nelson II, Contributor
  • Andrew Wegmann, Contributor

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1: First Civilizations
  • Chapter 2: Cultural Collision
  • Chapter 3: British Forays into Colonization
  • Chapter 4: Colonial Life
  • Chapter 5: Road to War
  • Chapter 6: American Revolution
  • Chapter 7: The Constitution
  • Chapter 8: The Federalist Era
  • Chapter 9: The Early Republic
  • Chapter 10: The Market Revolution
  • Chapter 11: Growing Democracy
  • Chapter 12: Antebellum South
  • Chapter 13: Westward Expansion
  • Chapter 14: Unravelling the Union
  • Chapter 15: The Civil War
  • Chapter 16: Reconstruction


Interactive Timeline

Open-form timeline navigation improves student learning by encouraging free-form exploration of major historical events.

Primary Sources

Links to relevant primary sources that provide students with a firsthand account of many key events in history.


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