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Statistics for Social Science

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Statistics for Social Science

Statistics for Social Science takes a fresh approach to the introductory class. With learning check questions, embedded videos and interactive simulations, students engage in active learning as they read. An emphasis on real-world and academic applications help ground the concepts presented. Designed for students taking an introductory statistics course in psychology, sociology or any other social science discipline.

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Authoring Content

Steve Hayward

Lead Author

Steve Hayward

Steve Hayward has over 20 years experience training and teaching. He is also the founder and CEO of the Center for Performance Technology. CPT’s staff provide training to Fortune 1000 companies, D.O.D. groups and universities. Currently, Steve teaches statistics and research methods at Rio Salado College. Steve was recognized as Outstanding Adjunct Faculty by Rio Salado in 2011 and has since served as leader and mentor for fellow faculty members. Steve studied human learning, cognitive psychology, statistics and research methods under Dr. Frank Logan and Dr. Henry Ellis.

Contributing Content

  • Susan L. Bailey, Contributor
  • Debby Carroll, Contributor
  • Alistair J. Cullum, Contributor
  • Jerry Hauselt, Contributor
  • Karen Kampen, Contributor
  • Adam J. Sullivan, Contributor

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistics
  • Chapter 2: Descriptive Statistics
  • Chapter 3: The Normal Distribution and Normal Curve
  • Chapter 4: Introduction to Probability
  • Chapter 5: Discrete Probability Distributions
  • Chapter 6: Normal Probability Distributions
  • Chapter 7: Four Distributions: z, t, x2, and F
  • Chapter 8: Confidence Intervals
  • Chapter 9: Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
  • Chapter 10: One-Sample Hypothesis Testing
  • Chapter 11: Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing
  • Chapter 12: ANOVA and the F-distribution
  • Chapter 13: Tests for Goodness of Fit and Independence
  • Chapter 14: Correlation and Regression


Lightboard Videos

Chapters include video lectures in which authors bring complex material to life with handwritten notes and diagrams.

Student Benefits

Students can now study, practice and review personal participation and performance data all in one place—from almost any device.

Real World Application

Case studies at the end of each chapter showcase practical uses for the presented concepts.


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