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Research Methods in Psychological Science

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Research Methods in Psychological Science book cover

Research Methods in Psychological Science utilizes the power of interactivity to engage students in the principle approaches to research methodology. From getting started with research to applied research, this comprehensive textbook uses contemporary examples with easily accessible features such as embedded content and a wide array of questions.

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Authoring Content

Laura Freberg

Lead Author

Laura Freberg

Laura Freberg received her Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees from UCLA and conducted her dissertation research at Yale University under the direction of Robert Rescorla. She serves as Professor of Psychology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (teaching introductory psychology, biological psychology, and sensation and perception) and as instructor for Argosy University Online (teaching research methods, cognitive psychology, sensation and perception, statistics, and writing in psychology).

Contributing Content

  • Clarissa A. Thompson, Assistant Editor
  • Katherine Aumer, Contributing Author
  • Victor Duarte, Contributing Author
  • Karen Y. Holmes, Contributing Author
  • Inna Kanevsky, Contributing Author
  • Paulina Kulesz, Contributing Author
  • Turkan Ocal, Contributing Author
  • Ashley Simons-Rudolph, Contributing Author
  • Joseph Simons-Rudolph, Contributing Author
  • Donna Wolosin, Contributing Author

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What Is Science?
  • Chapter 2: The Scientific Enterprise
  • Chapter 3: Communicating Science
  • Chapter 4: Conducting Ethical Research
  • Chapter 5: Quantitative Descriptive Research
  • Chapter 6: Observation
  • Chapter 7: Measurement
  • Chapter 8: Surveys
  • Chapter 9: Independent Groups
  • Chapter 10: Repeated Measures
  • Chapter 11: Complex Designs
  • Chapter 12: Qualitative Methods
  • Chapter 13: Quasi-experiments and Program Evaluation
  • Chapter 14: Descriptive Statistics
  • Chapter 15: Inferential Statistics


Conversational, Engaging Writing

Introduces the scientific method to psychology majors in a much more approachable way than traditional texts.

Real World Research Examples & Activities

By applying the principles presented to real-world research problems, students move beyond the theoretical.

Student Benefits

Students can now study, practice and review personal participation and performance data all in one place–from almost any device.


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