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Leverage students’ devices in-class to increase participation and get real-time feedback and answers

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3300+ professors have done this since February 2018!

3300+ professors have done this since February 2018!

Top Hat has been proven to increase engagement in lectures

  • Poll students and ask questions
  • Track attendance easily
  • Automatic grading [finally!]
  • Capture student responses in real-time
  • Hold discussions [anonymous or not]
  • No new hardware needed
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Create a learning environment where every student, from the front to the back row, can participate and have a voice

  • When you started teaching, you imagined a class eager to learn. But it’s become more and more difficult to capture students’ focus. It’s time to change that.
  • Top Hat Classroom helps over 2,000,000 students come to class. Better yet, it encourages and aides student participation.
  • Energize your class by asking questions, starting discussions, and gauging understanding all through students’ own devices.

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