Why Innovative Educators Are Using Interactive Content

In this four-part webinar series on interactive content, we talk to game-changing professors who decided to sidestep the traditional route to academic publishing. You’ll hear about what motivated them to create digital textbooks, their experiences working with traditional vs. non-traditional publishers and how interactive texts have altered and improved their students’ learning experience. Webinar recordings are now available for streaming below.

This series will show you:

  • How educators can use existing course materials to create their own customizable content
  • What educators are doing to monetize their original course teaching materials
  • How technology has changed the way students learn, and what this means for teaching strategies
  • Why the traditional textbook model is broken, and strategies to fix it

Featured Guests:

Webinar 1: Stephen Buckles, lead author on the new interactive textbook, Introduction to Microeconomics and a senior lecturer of micro and macroeconomics at Vanderbilt University, shared his experience writing and incorporating digital textbooks into his teaching.

Webinar 2: Sara Eskridge, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at Randolph-Macon College and Andrew Wegmann, Assistant Professor of History at Delta State University. Sara Eskridge is the lead author on Top Hat’s interactive U.S. History textbook. Andrew acted as a contributor to the book, which is available now.

Webinar 3: Deborah Carroll, Psychology professor at Southern Connecticut State University and contributing author to Top Hat’s interactive text Statistics for Social Science.

Webinar 4: Kwame Brown, Psychology professor at Hampton University, and Clarissa Thompson, who teaches cognitive psychology at Kent State University’s department of psychological sciences. Kwame is a contributing author to Top Hat’s interactive text Introduction to Psychology, and Clarissa is a contributing author and editor on Research Methods in Psychological Science.

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