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Top Hat is the most advanced and easiest to use classroom engagement system on the market.

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Get real-time feedback

Polling & Questions

Steer your lectures in the right direction by asking for feedback while you speak. Top Hat works with Powerpoint and Keynote so that you never need to leave your slides to get Real-time feedback. Don’t waste time wondering if that concept you just covered stuck; find out immediately. This is essential for large classes.

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7+ question types


Engage your students with 7+ question types including: multiple choice, numeric answer, word answer, sorting, matching, and click-on-target. These flexible questions allow for richer and more poignant questions.

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Top Hat Gradebook

Put your grading on auto-pilot


Measuring and grading participation can be a big problem in large (and smaller) classes. Top Hat lets you assign participation and correctness grades to all your content so that you can evaluate students on effort and accuracy. Asking a couple of questions in-class is the perfect way to make sure that everyone is attending and participating in-class.

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Top Hat Gradebook

Discover and reuse
course content

Course Packs

Creating questions and new course material is time consuming and demanding. Top Hat solves this problem by letting you import content that other professors in your field have created to speed up your lecture creation process. You can also re-use your material from semester to semester or year to year. How simple is that?

Top Hat Course Packs

Students bring their own device

With Top Hat, students use the phones and devices they already own and love to interact with you. No more forgetting clickers, no more excuses and exceptions, no more dealing with flaky base stations. Top Hat was designed to use the infrastructure that already exists in your classroom. Efficient and simple.

Top Hat BYOD

Start a conversation


Get into the minds of your students by creating a discussion topic. Discussions are an easy way to engage your class with open ended questions. Use it for feedback, long or short form answers or housekeeping issues. Students can vote on submissions ensuring that quality rises to the top.

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Learning doesn’t end after the lecture

Homework & Review

Being a professor doesn't end after the lecture and neither does Top Hat. With our homework and quiz tools you are able to ask out of class questions that student can answer in between lectures. Use them for participation grades, quizzes, lecture prep or exam review.

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Get better course evaluations

Professors that use Top Hat get better evaluations from students. In a 2012 survey, 85% of student said they that preferred Top Hat over traditional clickers. Choosing Top Hat shows that you are ahead of the curve and are looking for new and effective ways to engage with your class.


Of students prefer Top Hat
to traditional clickers

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