1. Guide: Working with CTLs—A Handbook for Professors

    How centers for teaching and learning can save professors time, and directly lead to improved learning outcomes for students

  2. The Professor’s Guide to Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

    This guide quickly summarizes the core principles of Bloom’s taxonomy and demonstrates, by example, how top educators have harnessed this framework to help them achieve their teaching goals and improve students’ learning

  3. The Ultimate Guide to OER: How You Can Improve Educational Content

    The Ultimate Guide to OER explains why traditional educational content no longer meets the needs of today’s educators or students, and why professors need to embrace OER if they hope to increase student engagement and success rates

  4. Digital Textbooks: How to Create Interactive Content

    This handbook highlights the benefits of creating interactive course content and textbooks both from a pedagogical and financial point of view

  5. How to use Open Educational Resources at OHIO

    In this webinar you will hear how OU faculty are successfully using Top Hat to implement OER course materials in their classes. You'll also see a practical demo that will show you how to make the most of Top Hat's OER offerings

  6. Balancing Academia: Managing Research, Teaching and Service Using Agile Methodologies