1. Digital Textbooks: How to Create Interactive Content

    This handbook highlights the benefits of creating interactive course content and textbooks both from a pedagogical and financial point of view

  2. Webinar: How Professors Can Manage Information Overload

    We could all use help preventing information overload. Join podcaster Bonni Stachowiak to learn about a practical strategy: personal knowledge management

  3. Webinar: Teaching with Top Hat at CSU

    Join California State University (CSU) professors Miguel Delgado Helleseter and Jude Antonyappan as they discuss their motivations behind adopting Top Hat’s all-in-one teaching platform, how they transitioned to new technology, and the benefits they’ve seen

  4. Talking Top Hat with Dr. Barbara White

    Dr. Barbara White of Indiana University South Bend joins us in a webinar to share her experiences using Top Hat at IU, and discusses how Top Hat has benefited her students and changed the way she teaches

  5. How to use Open Educational Resources at OHIO

    In this webinar you will hear how OU faculty are successfully using Top Hat to implement OER course materials in their classes. You'll also see a practical demo that will show you how to make the most of Top Hat's OER offerings

  6. Balancing Academia: Managing Research, Teaching and Service Using Agile Methodologies

  7. Panel: Building Your Personal Brand with Tech Skills

    Filmed in Chicago at Engage 2017, this panel of professors tackles the subject of building your personal brand using technology