1. Customer Webinar: Remote Teaching

    In this webinar, we'll guide you through how to transition your face-to-face class to remote delivery with Top Hat, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

  2. Customer Webinar: Remote Testing

    In this webinar, we'll guide you through how to transition your in-class tests to remote testing with Top Hat, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

  3. Webinar: Active learning with Top Hat

    Learn how to implement active learning techniques in your classroom. Join ed tech consultant Jacquie Gray to learn how to maximize the impact of learning technologies for better student engagement.

  4. BVT Publishing and Top Hat: The Benefits of Using Digital Textbooks

    Hear how interactive course materials are helping to solve the challenge of getting students to come to class prepared

  5. How to Dramatically Improve the College Experience

    In this webinar, Dan Chambliss, co-author of How College Works, argues that carefully nurtured relationships with mentors and classmates are the key to improving higher education.

  6. Strategies for Succeeding as Adjunct Faculty

    This webinar discusses the challenges facing adjuncts today, highlights the best professional development practices for adjuncts, and strategies adjuncts can use for professional and personal success.

  7. How to Save Students Money by Using and Scaling Open Educational Resources

    Watch this on-demand webinar to hear experts discuss the rise and benefits of OER in the college classroom

  8. Guide: How to Choose a Student Engagement System

    The 10 essential questions that faculty and administration should consider before choosing a technological solution for your school

  9. Work-Life Balance: A Handbook for Professors

    In this Work-Life Balance handbook for professors, we investigate the issues and offer concrete steps that educators can take for career and family harmony

  10. James Lang – How to Make Class Time Really Count

    James M. Lang, a higher education expert and the author of Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons From the Science of Learning, has valuable tips and strategies for improving student engagement

  11. How to Choose the Best Assessment Tool for Your College Class

    Assignments, midterms and final exams are not always a good indicator of student knowledge. Download our free e-book to learn the technology-led alternatives

  12. How to Use Clickers in Your College Classroom

    In this free guide you’ll learn how to effectively choose and use clickers in the classroom and gain tactical insights from professors who have put them to work to improve student outcomes

  13. Guide: Working with CTLs—A Handbook for Professors

    How centers for teaching and learning can save professors time, and directly lead to improved learning outcomes for students

  14. The Professor’s Guide to Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

    This guide quickly summarizes the core principles of Bloom’s taxonomy and demonstrates, by example, how top educators have harnessed this framework to help them achieve their teaching goals and improve students’ learning

  15. The Ultimate Guide to OER: How You Can Improve Educational Content

    The Ultimate Guide to OER explains why traditional educational content no longer meets the needs of today’s educators or students, and why professors need to embrace OER if they hope to increase student engagement and success rates

  16. Digital Textbooks: How to Create Interactive Content

    This handbook highlights the benefits of creating interactive course content and textbooks both from a pedagogical and financial point of view

  17. Webinar: How Professors Can Manage Information Overload

    We could all use help preventing information overload. Join podcaster Bonni Stachowiak to learn about a practical strategy: personal knowledge management

  18. Webinar: Teaching with Top Hat at CSU

    Join California State University (CSU) professors Miguel Delgado Helleseter and Jude Antonyappan as they discuss their motivations behind adopting Top Hat’s all-in-one teaching platform, how they transitioned to new technology, and the benefits they’ve seen

  19. Talking Top Hat with Dr. Barbara White

    Dr. Barbara White of Indiana University South Bend joins us in a webinar to share her experiences using Top Hat at IU, and discusses how Top Hat has benefited her students and changed the way she teaches

  20. How to use Open Educational Resources at OHIO

    In this webinar you will hear how OU faculty are successfully using Top Hat to implement OER course materials in their classes. You'll also see a practical demo that will show you how to make the most of Top Hat's OER offerings