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Bring active learning to your virtual or blended classroom. Free for students and professors.

Use Top Hat’s free active learning solution to increase engagement and motivate students inside and outside the classroom.

Deliver engaging and interactive classes, in-person or remotely

Host and record live classes

Recreate the experience of your face-to-face class or lab by engaging students in live lectures. Recordings capture your presentation, pinpointing class discussions and participation as they occur. An interactive lecture playback replicates the experience of a live class meeting.

  • Stream lectures in real time with built-in video conferencing tools
  • Present slides
  • Record class meetings and embed videos directly in Top Hat for self-paced learning

Take attendance remotely

Leverage students’ devices to take attendance–whether in-class or online. Get regular, data-driven insights that help you identify at-risk students.

Poll and quiz your students

Use 14 different question types–including multiple choice, click-on-target and numeric answers–to introduce new concepts, reinforce students’ understanding of topics and assess learning.

Facilitate live chats and discussions

Top Hat’s in-app chat window lets students raise their hands to ask questions, communicate with each other and engage with the material via text and emojis.

Moderate chat threads by muting, replying to specific messages and more.

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