The Introductory Course Paradigm:
Driving Success in STEM

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Time: 4:00 PM EST

It’s a tough time for STEM disciplines. Student enrollment and retention are down with many learners delaying their studies. Half the students who pursue a STEM degree fail to graduate within 6 years of starting university1. And, due to the pandemic, nearly 10 percent of STEM undergrads have decided to delay their graduation2.

Introductory STEM courses are critical for student retention and success. At this event, you will hear from innovative STEM professors who are using technology to keep their students engaged, enrolled and on track to graduate. Plus, you’ll get practical strategies on how to best support your faculty and future-proof your school, no matter what Fall 2021 brings.

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Virtual event details:

  • Get insights on improving student success in STEM introductory courses and driving retention in STEM majors
  • Learn how innovative educators apply technology to create a more effective and democratic student experience
  • Leave with takeaways about how you can best support your faculty and future-proof your department


(1) Meaders, C.L., Lane, A.K., Morozov, A.I. et al. Undergraduate Student Concerns in Introductory STEM Courses: What They Are, How They Change, and What Influences Them. Journal for STEM Educ Res 3, 195–216 (2020).
(2) Saw, G. K., Chang, C.-N., Lomelí, U., & Zhi, M. (2020). Fall enrollment and delayed graduation among STEM students during the COVID-19 pandemic (NREED Data Brief. No 1). Claremont, CA: Network for Research and Evaluation in Education.

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