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Size Doesn’t Matter: Making Big Classes Feel Small and Small Classes Work Better

Techniques and strategies for making personal connections in large classes

While educators with large classes struggle to make personal and impactful connections with students, smaller classes pose their own challenges for group dynamics. These educators have discovered and successfully implemented innovative in-class solutions that led to improved conversations, comprehension and happier students.

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What you’ll get out of this session

  • See how you can leverage technology to eliminate class-size obstacles and free up time to focus on teaching
  • Learn techniques to help surmount student shyness and create vibrant in-class discussions
  • Develop methods to improve engagement and deliver real-time feedback to students, no matter the class size


  • Brett Beston (University of Toronto, Psychology)
  • Stephen Buckles (Vanderbilt University, Micro and Macroeconomics)
  • Luke Green (St. Cloud Community College, Communications)
  • Hillary Wehe (Davis and Elkins College, Psychology)