1. Top Hat Field Report: Student Perspectives on Assessments, Career-readiness, Diversity & Inclusion

    Click here to download a PDF version of the slideshow Click here to download a PDF version of the slideshow Resources:Top Hat Field Report: 2,798 Students on Assessments, Career-readiness, and Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom

  2. Setting the Table for Student Success in Another Year of Uncertainty and Opportunity

    Insights on how to support student success by focusing on engagement, flexibility, community, and instilling confidence.

  3. Infographic: What Students Want from the Post-COVID Classroom

    Students are excited about a return to campus. But after more than a year of remote learning, many are placing greater value on accessibility, flexibility and what happens inside the classroom.

  4. Top Hat Student Survey — April 2020

    Understanding what’s important to today's college students will set the stage for success in the Fall

  5. Top Hat Faculty Survey

    Half of respondents lack confidence in students’ ability to be successful and see value in their educational investment in the Fall

  6. Infographic: The Rise of Textbook Prices in The 21st Century

    Textbook prices are still too high, and there’s been little progress on cost in the past five years. We look at the figures, the consequences—and the solutions.