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Increase Satisfaction and Enrollment at the University of Washington

Helping students get the most value out of your course starts with making a sense of belonging and engagement two cornerstones of your teaching approach. An all-in-one active learning platform purpose-built for student engagement can help.

Your colleague at the University of Washington, Nicole McNichols, Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology, shares how Top Hat helped her improve student engagement and test scores. Plus, get a first-hand account from one of McNichols’ students on how Top Hat made learning more active.

Get McNichols’ instructional tips

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How this resource will help instructors at the University of Washington

You’ll get actionable learning strategies to make real-time or self-paced class discussions and textbook readings even more engaging.

With this resource, you’ll learn:

  • How McNichols maintained a 5/5 quality of education score from student evaluations
  • How her innovative use of Top Hat led to three nominations for a Distinguished Teaching Award
  • The various ways that Top Hat promotes participation before, during and after class

As part of your download, you’ll get a one-to-one walkthrough of how Top Hat can be used in any teaching modality. We’ll also show you how to maintain connection and engagement in your courses at UW.