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Increase Engagement and Evaluation Scores at Oregon State University

Helping students connect to your course material is no easy feat, even for experienced educators. This term, get students to lean into their learning with an all-in-one teaching platform designed to keep students engaged with polls, quizzes, interactive textbooks and more.

Your colleague at Oregon State, Demian Hommel, Senior Instructor of Geography, shares how he was able to increase course engagement and enrollment by using collaborative discussion questions and two interactive textbooks he authored using Top Hat.

Get Hommel’s instructional tips

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How this resource will help instructors at Oregon State

You’ll get flexible teaching strategies to make your class discussions and textbook readings even more engaging.

With this resource, you’ll learn:

  • Why 92 percent of students say Top Hat improves their engagement
  • Why 90 percent of students report Top Hat makes them feel part of a wider learning community
  • Why student evaluation scores for Hommel rose by 7 percent after adopting Top Hat

As part of your download, you’ll also get a one-to-one walkthrough of how Top Hat can make learning more exciting and collaborative for every student at Oregon State.