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Increase Participation and Comprehension at the University of Florida

Cell phones have historically been thought of as a distraction. But what if there was a way to use student devices to test understanding and promote active listening? Top Hat’s all-in-one platform makes it possible—and this UF professor is here to show you how.

Jamie Pomeranz, professor of public health, shares how he was able to increase participation and track student comprehension and completion by using polls and interactive textbook readings, both housed in Top Hat.

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How this resource will help instructors at the University of Florida

You’ll get adaptable teaching strategies to make sure students are active participants, before, during and after lectures.

With this resource, you’ll learn:

  • Why 83 percent of students agreed that using Top Hat encouraged them to participate more
  • Why 67 percent of learners said their course understanding improved as a result of Top Hat’s interactivity
  • Why 63 percent of Pomeranz’s class ranked Top Hat as the best digital course resource they have used

As part of your download, you’ll also get a one-to-one walkthrough of how Top Hat can make learning more active and relevant for every student at UF.