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Increase Engagement and Affordability at Ohio State University

Engaging students is a top priority of so many educators. And doing so while keeping accessibility and equity top of mind can be even more important. Like your colleagues at Ohio State, you can use Top Hat to teach your students from anywhere.

In this free resource, discover how partnering with Top Hat made classrooms at Ohio State more engaging and inviting. You’ll also learn from Ohio State’s Associate Vice President for Learning Technology on how taking advantage of students’ smartphones can ultimately drive participation in and out of class.

Learn how OSU made college more affordable

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How this resource will help instructors at Ohio State

You’ll understand how professors at Ohio State use Top Hat to engage students using devices they already own.

With this resource, you’ll learn:

  • How students saved $1.8M on course materials as a result of OSU’s partnership with Top Hat
  • How a 48 percent increase in OSU professors using Top Hat over two years was made possible with our extensive instructional design support
  • Why 43,000 OSU students are now motivated to participate in class using their smartphones

As part of your download, you’ll also get a one-to-one walkthrough of how Top Hat can make teaching and learning more equitable for you, your colleagues and your students at OSU.