The Death of Textbook Publishing & The Future of College Course Content

Essential tips and resources for:

  • Professors and instructors
  • Post-secondary administrators
  • Educators struggling to connect with Generation Z

Technology is upending the traditional textbook market, leaving academic publishers in the lurch. Despite efforts to go digital, many publishers remain loyal to their print operations, a move that is hurting their bottom lines. But technology itself isn’t the biggest problem: the way students learn and absorb information is. With smartphones, laptops and other personal technologies embedded into the fabric of their day-to-day lives, print textbooks are failing to provide students with much value. And publishers have been slow to adapt to the way their customers purchase and interact with content.

This white paper will:

  • Demonstrate why publishers aren’t keeping up with the shifting market
  • Highlight an alarming pattern of revenue decline in the textbook industry
  • Show why students and faculty are in control
  • Explain why OER is a viable option for students looking for affordable and engaging content

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