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Who developed this?

This free, online, self-paced active learning course was designed by Top Hat educational experts with backgrounds in pedagogy, teaching, course design and user experience. They work directly with many professors to create their perfect course, one that helps them engage and interact with their students more effectively. Since 2009, we’ve helped nearly 3 million students in colleges and universities across North America succeed.

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Faculty at more than 750 of the largest colleges and universities in North America use and trust Top Hat, including:

This course:

  • Discusses what active learning is and why it’s so much more effective than other teaching methods
  • Talks about the latest pedagogical techniques within active learning
  • Shows examples of active learning in practice, complete with actionable tips for implementing it in your class
  • Highlights the best practices for incorporating technology into a classroom to facilitate active learning

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Learning Objectives:

  • Define active learning and its relevance to the modern classroom
  • Think holistically and critically about the purpose of active learning before, during and after class
  • Explain with examples how technology provides the agility to facilitate an active learning environment
  • Explain with examples how technology supports active learning before, during and after class
  • Incorporate technology to motivate and engage students, get real-time feedback and improve course design on the fly

Bonus materials:

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  • An e-book that showcases how 13 innovative professors use active learning techniques to change up their classroom
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  • A private Facebook group where you can share successes and strategies with other course participants

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