A Practical Sociology
A Practical Sociology

A Practical Sociology

Lead Author(s): Reba J. Parker

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This concise text, via application, and engagement, tells the sociological story compellingly while noting key concepts, terms, and theories.


This e-book could very well be the best option for your class for many reasons, here are few of those:

  • students learn better today with interactive learning that promotes engagement
  • students want to know that the material will be practical and useful  (hence Sociology Applied)
  • many students tend to enjoy learning in short quips or sections called micro-learning, vs. pages of reading/detailed information (which they can research if needed)
  • millennials and younger students today use their phones for quick learning and monitoring success  which can be accessible every minute of the day 
  • this non-traditional text allows for the professor to be creative.  As a brief synopsis of the discipline and partnered w/ additional readings, secondary texts, this text makes for a complete package
  • a nice complementary topic outside the Introduction to Sociology class (Anthropology, History, Religion, International Studies, Public Health, Environmental classes, Political Science, etc.)
  • updated to reflect COVID-19 and the George Floyd Black Lives Matter protests through a sociological lens


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Reba Parker has been teaching over twenty years in Charleston, South Carolina both at the College of Charleston and The Citadel.  She also teaches online at Texas A&M Commerce.  Her area of focus as been specializing in Peace Studies and Restorative Justice from a sociological perspective, with concentrations in applied sociology at the community level.   She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and two dogs but continues to teach at the College of Charleston/Texas A&M as a full-time online professor.  This is her third text authored via the Top Hat marketplace   (Sociology of Peace & Restorative Justice) .