Lead Author(s): C. Emily Durbin

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This text is an introduction to personality science, using a lifespan developmental approach and incorporating a multi-level understanding of personality.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to Personality Science

· Lay and Scientific Concepts of Personality

· Personality Science

Personality exists at multiple levels and degree of complexity

  • Level 1: Traits
  • Level 2: Motivations and values
  • Level 3: The life story

Chapter 2: Where Does Personality Come from?

Chapter 3: How scientists study personality

Chapter 4: An Introduction to Traits

Chapter 5: Emotions as the Core of Personality

Chapter 6: Conscientiousness and Self-regulation

Chapter 7: The Big Five

Chapter 8: Why personality matters

Chapter 9: How personality develops

Chapter 10: Motivations and values

Chapter 11: The life story

Chapter 12: Culture