Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Lead Author(s): Elan Barenholtz

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33 Items - Cognitive Psychology uses a clear, relatable narrative to engage students in their learning.

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Hi there, and welcome to Top Hat's Cognitive Psychology textbook! We hope you have a great experience with this course and our text. To start, we would like to introduce you to some of our features so that you are comfortable with your new textbook.

Among the things you will frequently encounter in our texts are embedded questions. Depending on your professor, these may be graded for participation or correctness. There are seven types of questions we have to offer. Let's take a look at one of each:

1) Multiple Choice: Simply click on the correct answer. There may be more than one correct answer, which is indicated with, "Select all of the above that apply."

Question 1.01 - Example Multiple Choice

Which of these topics would not be considered part of 'cognition'.









2) Word Answer: Type your answer into the appropriate box. Be careful with your spelling!

Question 1.02 - Example Word Answer

This textbook is about _______.

3) Numeric Answer: These questions require an answer that is a number.

Question 1.03 - Example Numeric Question

There are _____ chapters in this book.

4) Matching: Click on an item in the left-hand column, then click on its match in the right-hand column to align them.

Question 1.04 - Example Matching Question

Match the concept to its correct definition.


Sensory receptor neurons


Receive input from the external world


Motor neurons


Receive signals from the CNS with axons that terminate on muscle fibers

5) Click on Target: These questions will be accompanied by a picture. You must click on the correct part of the picture, usually an indicated "hotspot." Sometimes multiple clicks are allowed.

Question 1.05 - Example Click on Target Question

Click on the graph that shows a positive correlation.

6) Sorting: Click on an option and drag it into the proper order.

Question 1.06 - Example Sorting Question

Sort these items based on the order in which light enters the eye.







7) Discussion: This type of question is indicated in the top banner. Type your answer in the appropriate space below the question.  

Question 1.07 - Example Discussion Question

f you had to explain what cognition was to a friend who has never taken this class, what would you say?

Throughout the book you will see this banner, indicating sections within a chapter that will tell you how the concepts you are learning apply to real-world applications in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

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