Physiological Psychology for Psych Students
Physiological Psychology for Psych Students

Physiological Psychology for Psych Students

Lead Author(s): Dr. Ilyse O'Desky, PsyD in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Chief of Psychology at Saint Barnabas Medical Centre, Associate Professor of Psychology at Kane University

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This is a basic textbook for an undergraduate course in physiological psychology. It discusses the basic physiological processes involved in human behavior. Fundamentals of neuronal and synaptic activity in the nervous system and endocrine system, and their impact on behavior are presented. Also included are chapters detailing perceptual systems, homeostatic mechanisms and biological rhythms related to sleep and sleep disorders. Finally, the book ends with a chapter discussing the brain's role in our experience of emotions and the role emotion plays in our physical health and our ability to cope with stress.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Physiological Psychology

2. Brain Basics

3. Electrical Communication in the Brain

4. Chemical Communication in the Brain

5. Vision: Sensing the World Around Us Through Our Eyes

6. Hearing: Sensing the World around Us Through Our Ears

7. Taste and Smell: Sensing the World Around Us Through Chemistry

8. Somatosenses: Sensing the World Through Our Skin

9. The Role of Hormones in the Body

10. Hormones: Sexual Development and Maturation

11. Our Bodies Rhythms: Thirst and Hunger

12. Our Bodies Rhythms: Sleep and Dreaming

13. Health and Sleep

14. Health and Emotions