Educational Research, Meaning, Scope, Purpose and Characteristics
Educational Research, Meaning, Scope, Purpose and Characteristics

Educational Research, Meaning, Scope, Purpose and Characteristics

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In this homework assignment, students will be asked to learn the characteristics of good research.

Educational Research, Meaning, Scope, Purpose and Characteristics


Reading this Topic, the student will able to

  • 1. Understand the concept of educational Research
  • 2. Understand the scope of educational Research
  • 3. comprehend the purpose of Educational Research
  • 4. learn characteristics of a good research


​Research is an in depth inquiry in to a problem which need an amicable solution. Every invention in the world happens as a result of a scientific enquiry. See the example of Isaac Newton when the apple falls on his head, he started the question with why? He searched for truth, reason or discover to new knowledge. He applied commonsense in his enquiry. The continuous search resulted in solving his problem. Finally he built a theory named as Gravitation force theory with empirically proved body of knowledge. Hence research can be termed as the search for truth or discovery of new things or builds body of knowledge regarding a phenomenon. Research is a systematic, scientific, objective activity, which includes the collection relevant information, and careful analysis of data, recording and reporting of valid conclusion, that may lead to creation of new knowledge, development of theory, principles, and generalization. The developed theory, Knowledge, principles or generalization may help the researcher or concerned authority to predict occurrences of certain possible events and thereby make possible to ultimate control of unwanted events. Research also means that the process of testing the validity of assumptions and formulated hypotheses. When we come to the educational research it is the process of scientific inquiry to solve the problems of educational sector of a country. It includes theoretical elaboration, quality enhancement matters, policy draft and implication, classroom dimension and so forth. It involves a continuous enquiry in search of knowledge, advancement, problem solving methodology and an attempt to realize the truth from an objective point of view based on factual understanding and systematic study.

​Scope Educational Research 

Education is considered as a vital tool for social as well as national development. It has significant role in evaluating the human development of a country. When we assessing the development of a person, society, community or a Nation, the educational attributes, such as educational qualifications, number of educated person in the society or community, number of educational institution in the state or country (elementary, secondary, higher, professional educational sector) with respects to its population, rate of enrolment, retention, quality of education provided, equity and equality for educational opportunity and so forth are considered as the prime criteria for consideration. Hence every nation in the world has been giving emphasis to the development educational sector of their country. Many innovative programmes and projects are preparing by the policy makers as well as the academic bodies across the world to improve their educational quantity as well as the quality. Crores of rupees are allocating in their budget for implementing such planned programmes and project. In India the projects like District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) , Sarva Siksha Abhiyan ( SSA), Area Intensive Programme (AIP) , Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya (KGBV), Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA), Rashtriya Uchayistic Siksha Abhiyan (RUSA), Scheme for the Promotion of Quality Education in Madrassas (SPQEM) are constituted and implemented to improve the standard of educational sector of the country. Educational Researches are the main input as well as the output to bring such change in the educational sector. Research findings identify the shortcomings, strength and weakness of the educational sector of the country and it recommends implementing such and such programme for the development of their educational sector. Educational research also helps to evaluate the effectiveness as well as the impact of particular programmes and project which has been undertaken by any governmental or non governmental agencies. Hence the breadth and width of the educational research is unlimited. It has a scope to conduct research in any area of education which has a chance to contribute knowledge for the development of education of a society, community and Nation as well.

​Purpose of Educational Research 

The Educational research has enormous purposes. Some important purposes are presented as following.

  • To identify truth regarding Enrolment, retention, dropout, quality of Education and so
  • forth
  • To build new knowledge regarding the methodology, pedagogy or other core subject areas
  • Adding of existing stock of knowledge related to educational field
  • To solve a problem related to classroom, institution, administrative level, policy level
  • Invention of new teaching methods, curriculum transaction strategies, effective grouping
  • technique and so forth
  • Realizing the exact problem of educational sector
  • Assess the Effect of New methodology of teaching
  • Identify and assess the ICT enabled classroom and teaching
  • To understand the teachers knowledge on latest evaluation techniques
  • To identify the hindrances to achieve universalization of education

​Characteristics of a good research 

While analyzing the discussions of eminent educationalists and social scientists, we can draw the following characteristics of a good research.

  • 1. Research is directed towards the solution of a problem
  • 2. Research is a continuous enquiry in search of knowledge
  • 3. Research emphasis the development of generalization, principles, theories
  • 4. Research is based upon observable experiences and empirical evidences
  • 5. Research rejects revelation and dogmas as methods of establishing knowledge
  • 6. Research employs in depth review of related literature
  • 7. Research depends on valid and reliable data gathering procedure
  • 8. Research demands accurate observations and descriptions
  • 9. Research applies systematic and scientific procedure for the study
  • 10. Research involves gathering of new data from first hand sources (primary) or existing
  • data (secondary sources) for a new purposes
  • 11. Research is based on carefully designed procedure with rigorous analysis
  • 12. Research requires expertise
  • 13. Research is a objective, logical process and eliminate personal bias
  • 14. Research involve the quest for answer to unsolved problems
  • 15. Possibility for Replication
  • 16. Research is characterized by patient and unhurried activity
  • 17. Research is carefully recorded and reported
  • 18. Research sometimes required courage
  • 19. Quantitative Research involves hypotheses testing using suitable statistical techniques
  • 20. Qualitative Research involve objective thick description on thin data


​Research is considered as process of searching for new knowledge. However, there will be some administrative or academic urgency to deliberately repeat the previous study using same procedure with another sample, in a new setting and at different time. This process is called replication. It is the fusion of words of repetition and duplication. Replication is used to conform the validity of the conclusion drawn by the previous studies which are under questioned from different academic as well as political corner. Besides, replication is also necessary to understand the trend, progress, development among generations in particular area. For example, a researcher can replicate the study conducted by a researcher on the problem of ICT awareness and use among the secondary school teachers. The result may evidence that what progress has been made in the areas of ICT among the secondary school teachers while the time has passed after the earlier study.



Define the term research


Explain the scope of educational research


What are the main purposes of educational research


What do you meant by the replication


Discuss the characteristics of a good research


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