Basic Economic Tools and Policy Issues
Basic Economic Tools and Policy Issues

Basic Economic Tools and Policy Issues

Lead Author(s): John Merrifield

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Policy issues such as Health Care and Pollution to create mastery in 3 core economic concepts; opportunity cost, supply-demand, and marginal analysis.

Table of Contents


by John Merrifield

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A.  Key Tools and Concepts

          1. Opportunity Cost, Marginal Analysis, and Supply-Demand Analysis

          2. Inflation

          3. Unemployment

          4. Taxes and Subsidies

          5. Competition vs. Monopoly, Monopsony, and Cartels

6. Peace/Unrest/War

7. Foreign Currency Exchange and Trade Deficits

          8. Regulation and De-Regulation, Political Marginal Analysis

          9. Elasticities

B.  Hot Stuff – What are the Limits of Positive Economics and Efficiency Assessments?

          10. Minimum Wage

          11. Equal Pay for Equal Work

C.  Government-Provided Goods and Services

          12. K-12 Education

          13. Water

          14. Facilities/Infrastructure

D.  Deliberate Interventions in Efficient Markets

          15. Agriculture

          16. Rent Control

          17. International Trade

E.  Malfunctioning Market Issues

          18. Health Care

          19. Environmental Pollution

          20. Natural Resource Management