Spiritual Diversity
Spiritual Diversity

Spiritual Diversity

Lead Author(s): George Robbins

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Spiritual paths or traditions and their techniques for spiritual development are described and evaluated with the objective of helping people actually become more effective in their daily lives.


      Spiritual happenings go beyond the sensory-material realm and almost always are not verifiable by the usual sensory-scientific methods. It’s fine to subject every conclusion to scientific examination. But some spiritual conclusions cannot be verified by scientific techniques 1 . We must hold these ‘truths’ to be in the realm of ‘possibility’ and it is even preferable to neither believe nor disbelieve them. It is with such an attitude that we remain open minded. In studying spirituality one should let these truths work on consciousness, soul and will as if they were true, but there is no necessity to argue  endlessly for their truth for the truth is the truth independent of any human or egoistic affirmation. The information given in this introduction is based on many sources which invariably report occurrences casting doubt on reductionist materialism. Since these occurrences challenge scientific orthodoxy they may be carefully scrutinized by those with a scientific attitude and almost invariably will be found lacking in accuracy, verifiability and believability. The scientific approach has put us in a quandary for the eternal values are basically all in the category of beyond the provable, and by scientific standards only the provable is acceptable. The dogmatisms of ‘religions’ and of ‘science’ are therefore very much of a problem and each area is worthy of very careful study. Let’s take science as far as it goes and let’s take the propositions of religion seriously without elevating either science or religion to the position of ultimate arbiter. Why not let the truths of the masters run past us without the necessity of either affirmation or rejection? This is what will be attempted in this book. The author’s belief is that this will not only contribute to a more blissful personal existence with a greater understanding of the nature of being but also to a better world where people treat others with more humanity. 

     I am going to report what the masters say regardless of whether these conclusions can be proven scientifically or not. The reader should not assume that these are scientific truths. We have been raised with the scientific paradigm, and our kneejerk reaction is to reject what does not fit this paradigm, but in this book we are going to report on these ‘truths’ as if they were verifiable even though I am saying that they are not always verifiable. For example, near- death experiences are impossible to verify except personally, yet the accounts we get from many people show a surprising amount of consistency.2 There is also a great amount of agreement on other key areas of spirituality. The fact that these accounts show some agreement does not mean that they are scientifically true. All of this consideration shows us that the gap between reason-evidence and faith exists in a very profound sense. Most certainly the mystery of the world is before us and with this view the world once again is animated in contrast to the model of the mechanically dead universe of our modern scientific consciousness. 

     Modern science is based only on sensory and material proofs. Neurosurgeon Alexander Eben’s transition from a skeptic to a believer in the higher worlds because of his long lasting near death experience, is a dramatic questioning of this modern scientific view.3  According to science if sensory proofs are not in evidence any hypothesis is rejected as unsubstantiated, and more importantly is rejected as unsubstantiatable. Logic shows us that this excludes the spiritual, which is non-material, or as some would argue, it’s a higher vibrating form of materiality that is often not measurable. The spiritual may also be understood as spontaneous personal knowledge. Therefore the world of the spirit has been pushed far away from consciousness by scientists who have elevated a scientism (a dogmatic belief in the results of scientific method over the scientific method itself), so far away in fact that for some people spirituality has become a fantasy. The increasing dominance of the materialistic/scientific perspective over the last few centuries has been both a tragedy and a necessity in the evolution of human consciousness. It is a tragedy because it pushes away the spiritual perspective. It is a necessity because if we were to achieve the material success of our society, a vigorous scientific method had to develop. This is the general state of modern thought. Because of this condition, it is necessary for those who want to bring the spiritual back into living reality to offer what can best be seen as indicators or even proofs of the spirit which go beyond ordinary sensory, material reality. Such indicators of a spiritual universality actually abound.4 A brief summary of the most prominent of these indicators that do not fit in with a strict materialistic interpretation follows.


The significance of the materialistic view of existence is that:


People are entirely confused about "reality".


People are therby given one more way of viewing "reality".


The spiritual view is pushed away from likely perception by a materialistic view.


People are more likey to be propelled into an extensive examination of the underlying forces of reality.

Psychological and Cultural Experience That Raises Questions About the Materialistic View of Existence

Left-Right Brain Theory

     In recent years psychology has developed the theory of the left-right brain which generally explains rationality as a function of the left brain and intuitional wholeness as a quality of the right brain.5  This theory is based upon empirical evidence from people who suffered from a cut corpus callosum which resulted in them acting as if they have two separate brains. At the very least, we can say that the receptors in the right brain are generally different from the receptors in the left brain. Some people are more intuitional in learning and acting. This condition certainly challenges a strictly material and sensory view of psychological reality. It opens up the possibility that humans are being influenced by a more refined reality. The discussion that follows is a survey and is to some extent in some cases a proof that the world is not merely a sensory-materialistic realm as many of those overwhelmed by the scientistic view believe. 

Extra Sensory Perception

      Another area of experience that is problematic for pure materialism is ESP or extra sensory perception, of which there are numerous expressions in all cultures. People pick up possibilities without having ordinary sensory input. Dr. Rhine’ s experiments at Duke University concerning presentations of cards with symbols on their other sides showed that some people had correct choices far beyond probability. Various accounts of Australian Aborigines and other native peoples show that they tend to have ESP experiences far more than most of those who live in urban culture6 . Many people ( based on class comments I’ve gotten from my psychology students for the past 30 years) have had flashes of ESP, but they often do not talk about these experiences because there is a tendency in our society to ridicule such beliefs, though this does seem to be growing weaker. Often we refer to such immediate insights as intuitions and people who are right brained appear to have more of these and some of them become more confident that their intuitions will be right.

Manly P. Hall  “The great materialistic progress which we have venerated for so long is on the verge of bankruptcy.”

Lucid Dreams 

     Recent dream lab experiments have verified that people do have lucid dreams (being conscious when dreaming)7 , something that native shamans and spiritually inclined thinkers have known for ages. Experiments where subjects were told to wink their eyes when asleep and dreaming, pointed toward proof that some people were lucid dreamers. I have found that a small percentage of my psychology students do report lucid dreams and they have advanced to various levels of achievement in this practice. The existence of lucid dreaming points to the fact that at least ordinary consciousness and dreaming consciousness can be sometimes united and that it can be productive in changing the person’s achievements and even their health and perhaps their very being.

Subtle Bodies

     The classification of the person into physical, emotional, and mental or intellectual faculties is familiar to anyone who has encountered the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky theory of ‘centers’, or Rudolf Steiner’s faculties of thinking, feeling and willing.

   The chakras serve as receiving stations. Each chakra assimilates the etheric energy of that plane and acts as a voltage transformer that enables higher energies to be received by a lower subtle body.  Most spiritual masters maintain that there are a total of seven subtle bodies. 10

Near Death Experiences

     Near death experiences (NDE’s) have been the subject of much recent research and there is literature concerning these occurrences.11  People’s NDE’s tend to have a commonality: going through a tunnel, seeing a bright light, encountering relatives who have passed on, meeting spiritual adepts or religious masters, etc. On returning to ordinary life, these people tend to have overcome their fear of death and often are inspired to serve humanity like they never have before.12  It is certainly true that their view of reality as purely material has been fundamentally and probably unalterably challenged. For most, explanations that NDE’s are some kind of drug induced experience would not be convincing.


What is the significance of the near death experiences?


They throw doubt on the purely materialistic idea of human existance.


They do not occur.


They occur because of the use of acid or other hallucinogens.


They primarily divert people from focusing on useful elements of reality.

Out of Body Experiences

     Though hard to verify, people have also experienced other out of body experiences (OBE’s). Some people can consciously astral travel, while the rest of us do this in our sleep as part of our dream experience as we ordinarily see it. There are many accounts of OBE’s. Some are simple like going to the ceiling of your room and then quickly returning to your body while others are complex like those reported by spiritual masters of going to Mars in the astral. OBE’s were subject to at least one sleep experiment where cards with numbers on them were put face up on the top of cabinets in one room and subjects in the sleep lab were told to go and read those numbers, which some of them did successfully.13  The experimenters who put the cards on the cabinets did not look at the numbers first in order to eliminate the possibility of some other form of ESP.


     Clairvoyance is sensing or having visions while clairaudience is hearing voices. Both have been reported extensively in spiritual literature.14 Many people do not report such experiences for fear of being considered crazy or because of fear of being labeled schizophrenic. Many people know of the psychological experiment where normal people were committed to a mental hospital because they told authorities that they heard voices. They were retained in the mental hospital even after saying they no longer heard the voices.

     Seeing rather than hearing from the other worlds is called clairvoyance rather than clairaudience. Sometimes people also smell fragrances which are not present in the material realm. People who have experiences such as these have developed their subtle organs of perception or their spiritual organs. 15


Clairvoyance is


Clear seeing on a supersensory level.


Clear hearing on a suapersensory level.


Movement of the spiritual body from one location to another.


The appearance of the ghostly body after death.


     Throughout history people have reported seeing visions. Such reports are in many religious classics including the Bible. Native Americans even go in search of visions in their vision quests. Brandt Morgan developed the technique of vision walking from knowledge he acquired from Tom Brown Jr, who was educated from childhood by the Apache visionary, Stalking Wolf.16  These visions walks attain some of the aims of Native American vision quests. 


     There have been many prophecies in many cultures. Some of these prophecies have come in prophetic dreams. While some do not come to pass, others occur almost as prophesied by the dream. Spiritual masters tell us that prophecies are never absolute for people who hear them can choose another alternative. In fact, the real reason for dire prophecies is to get people to make different choices. 

Past Life Recollection

Recollections of past lives are recorded in many accounts. Ian Stevenson found that children remember distinct details of previous lives and have been able to go to the houses they lived in and were aware of things that they really could not have known if their life was simply confined to the present. Past life regression through use of hypnosis has uncovered many accounts of past lives as Bruce Goldstein has shown. 17  

Post Death Appearances

There are numerous stories about post death reappearances.18  Apparitions of the dead and ghosts and hauntings are nearly a cultural universal. Jesus Christ was seen on the Road to Emmaus after the crucifixion. (There is also the theory that Christ survived the execution.) Also, Professor Glenda Green witnessed a continuous number of appearances of Jesus Christ in the astral or other subtle bodies in recent times at which times she had continuous interviews for a period of months. Actually, in the last one hundred years or so, there have been many reported appearances of Christ in the etheric, astral or other subtle body form. In addition, people have reported encountering various spirits not in physical form. 19 

Trance Readings

Edgar Cayce, often referred to as America’s sleeping prophet, did volumes of trance readings which diagnosed people’s health and moral problems. Some of his readings gave information on ancient worlds such as Atlantis. Cayce was a carpenter and relatively uneducated, and did all this while out of ordinary reality in a trance state. These readings can be seen in the Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (The A.R. E.)20 

Padre Pio, the controversial Catholic priest purportedly was witnessed bilocating.[81 ]


There are reports of People who have bilocated, that is they have been seen in two or more places at once. Throughout history, a small number of holy people were reputed to be in two places at once. Bilocation has been described at length within the Catholic tradition. It frequently occurs spontaneously during ecstatic experience, illness or NDE’s. 21 Richard Webster writes that a small number of holy people including St Martin de Parres (1579-1639) bilocated. Bilocation is sometimes called multilocation. Several Christian saints and monks have been reported as bilocating. Senior members of the Islamic Azimia Order were also reported as appearing at different places at the same time. 

Bilocation is also referred to as an out of body experience in which one’s consciousness leaves the body and visits a separate location. Especially in Scandinavia the vardoger is a form of bilocation in which an image of a traveler appears in a house prior to his actual arrival.

Bilocation is one of the most remarkable gifts attributed to Padre Pio. There were odors characteristically associated with his presence which were described by some as roses and by others as tobacco. The odors often occurred when people called upon his help in prayer.

Reportedly Padre Pio appeared in the air over San Giovanni Rotondo during WWII before American bombers were to attack this city and their attempts to release the bombs failed. One of the pilots visited the friary later and saw Padre Pio and recognized him as the one who appeared in the air.22

Heavenly Music

Highly developed spiritual people have heard heavenly music when dying such as Gothloc, Lisieoux and Copertino 23.


Highly developed spiritual people such as Paramahansa Yogananda, Christian Rosenkreutz (the founder of Rosicrucianism), Bernadette and St John of the Cross had bodies which were incorruptible when they died, that is their bodies did not decay. Incorruptibility is distinct from mummification or good preservation of the body. The two main causes of incorruptibility are a physical or environmental cause and a spiritual cause. Environmental causes include a cool and dry burial ground. I do not consider incorruptibility a strong indicator of the existence of other planes or dimensions of reality but it does suggest that some spirtual effects may sometimes be operating which contravene the usual laws of nature. 24 

Daniel Douglas Home, a medium with the ability to levitate and speak with the dead who conducted many séances also was the author of Incidents in My Life [82]


Levitation has been witnessed a number of times. The most famous is perhaps the account of Jesus Christ walking on water as seen by his disciples. Joseph Copertino, a Catholic priest, was seen flying in the air. Tibetan trance runners also levitate.25

Richard Webster is the author of Miracles; Inviting the Extraordinary into your Life and the author of many other perceptive and illuminating books on spirituality.

Even in the area of science we see the use of magnetic levitation  which includes the use of trains that are levitated by the use of many magnets.26

      Levitation has been reported as a cause of the placement of rocks weighing many tons in the ancient world. The Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek has a foundation containing the largest stone blocks ever used in a man-made structure with each block weighing 1,000 tons. This type of use of unbelievably heavy stone blocks has been discovered to be extensive in the world which was assumed to be in nomadic conditions by orthodox science. Duplicaton of these feats is hard or impossible even with modern machinery. The question must be raised about whether the ancients' legends about the use of levitation has some basis in fact. 27

Some cases of levitation appear to be spontaneous while spiritual adepts are said to be able to control it consciously. Levitations may last from a few minutes to hours. Generally levitation requires a great amount of concentration or being in a state of trance. Physical mediums who have been touched during levitation usually fall to a surface. Many levitations have been reported in both Christianity and Islam. Milarepa, the great 13th century yogi of Tibet is said to have had many occult powers such as the ability to walk, rest and sleep during levitating. Within Eastern traditions levitation is reportedly accomplished through secret techniques of breathing and visualization. The techniques involve the employment of a universal life force which is called by various names such as ‘prana’, ‘chi’ and ‘ki’. Levitations of especially seriously religious people have been witnessed on many occasions and these include Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and other religions. Levitation seems to be a very pervasive belief around the world occuring in almost all major religions and shamanic religions.

One of the best known cases is that of Daniel Douglas Home who levitated over a 40 year period and when levitating he was not always in a trance. He also levitated furniture and other objects. Another closely observed case reported by David Wilcock is that of Soviet medium Nina Kulagina who has been photographed levitating a small object between her hands.

The technique of ‘yogic flying’ consists of low hops while seated in the lotus meditating position and has been achieved by advanced practitioners of transcendental meditation.  28

Hindu Sadhus have a history of paranormal levitation. The yoga and spiritual master P. Yogananda, in The Autobiography of a Yogi, gives accounts of Hindu yogis who levitate in the course of their meditation. Yogi Subbayah Pullavar was reported to levitate in the air for four minutes in front of 150 witnesses on June 6, 1936.

Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) levitated in states of ecstasy. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) levitated several feet and became luminous in the process. Spiritually oriented books give so many instances of other such cases that it seems impossible not to  understand that such cases may sometimes be true.

In addition we should not forget that many mediums have levitated during séances. 29


Practices such as levitation, bilocation and post death appearances suggest that


There is little real evidence for any reality beyond the material-physical-sensory world.


The energy bodies of humans are more fundamental than their physical bodies.


People would be better off if they paid less attention to such far out claims


There is no commonality or similarity between these 3 reported occurrences.


In Tibet, monks practice tumo or resistance to the cold where they can melt ice around their bodies.30  Tumo is the mystical practice from Tibet of generating body heat so that a person may spend winter naked in a cave amid snow and freezing temperatures. But sensory effects are not the primary purpose of tumo which is to evolve wisdom, consciousnes and compassion of the practitioner. 31  In 1982 Benson found that his subjects in India exhibited the capacity to increase the temperature of their fingers and toes as much as 8.3% C. It is important to note that Tumo is a tantric mediation practice oriented toward spiritual development. 32


The purpose of tumo is to


Attract peoples' attention to the Buddhist religion.


Conserve money that would have had to be spent on clothes and heating.


Develop the energy bodies of pracitioners so that they could attain a higher spirituality.


Provide entertainment for the masses of bored people.


Psychometry is the ability to take objects such as rings, necklaces and various artifacts into your left hand and detect things about the person or persons with which the objects were connected from their vibrations. This is sometimes used by detectives working on criminal cases. This practice points to the existence of human energy bodies which give off vibrations that in turn imprint objects especially associated with the owners of such objects. This is an indication of the fact that energy bodies supersede and interpenetrate human physical bodies and it thereby points toward a greater reality beyond pure material physicality.

Psychometrists usually scry or pick up psychological and spiritual impressions from everything from tea leaves to crystal balls while in an ordinary state of mind. Scryers are sometimes unable even to hold objects involved in violent crimes in their hands. Sometimes if a scryer has been handed an object of someone who recently died of illness the scryer may suffer from symptoms of the illness. Shamans and shamanesses believe that spirits help them in their healings and spiritual work.  Likwise some scryers believe that they act as an instrument and that the spirits do the actual scrying. 33

Your dominant hand relays information, while your non-dominant or receptive hand receives information. Your receptive hand is the correct hand to use in psychometry. For most right handed people, the left hand is receptive. For left-handed people, the right hand is likely to be the receptive hand. When beginning psychometry, always pick up or touch an object with your receptive hand. 34

Psychometry is a form of ESP. Psychometrists have been used as psychic detectives. Some police departments have even used psychometrists.


Psychometry shows that


Police departments have never used any form of psychometry.


Psychometry has no relation to ESP.


Scrying has no practical uses.


Vibrational qualities reach beyond every person into the immediate surrounding world.


Another indicator that points to reality beyond the senses is that people who were drowning but survived have sometimes seen their aura and a review of the events of their lives. Auras are now photographed by special machines showing that they are composed of various colors. Psychics and clairvoyants have long been able to see auras and occasionally a person who is not ordinarily clairvoyant will see an aura. Students of auras have found that the colors tell us information about both the health and the moral and spiritual development of the person. Those who see auras have also located 7-9 main chakras or energy centers in the human energy field and sometimes numerous others within the linking system that holds them together. 36

The aura consists of several  levels of subtle bodies. A state of imbalance in one body leads to a state of imbalance in others. These bodies include the physical, the etheric, the astral or emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. Many spiritual masters break these levels down in more detail which unfortunately creates the belief in some people that these views are merely opinions, but there are substantial agreements among these paths despite their different categories and emphasizes.

W. E. Butler founded Servants of the Light School of Occult Science and wrote many instructive books on spirituality.

Each aura color and formation of the color indicates a state of development of the person. For example, pink is loving, orange creative, yellow inspiring, green loving of nature, blue spiritual, violet sensitive, lavender imaginative and white reflective. If muddied these colors generally indicate a lower development All people, all living things and all objects have an aura. Spiritual authorities, because of various clairvoyant perceptions, have described these auric qualities somewhat differently. Clairvoyants are able to see these aura colors. 37 Charles Leadbeater gave a complete description of the aura and its colors. The British occultist W.E. Butler connected auras with clairvoyance, etheric, mental and emotional emanations. Glen Morris, grandmaster head of the Hoshin Roshi Ryce lineage, recalling the aura of another solce wrote: ‘The first time I saw Hatsumi, he was running a continuous bright, lime neon green a foot wide and was so easy to see he would flash in bright sunlight.’ 38 


Auras are evidence that


There is a refined vibrational and light effect around the bodies of plants, animals and people.


Auras can now be photographed by machines.


Clairvoyants have long been able to see auras and thereby receive information about peoples' health and moral develop[ment.


All of the above are true.

 Automatic Writing

Another indicator that points beyond the sensory is automatic writing. Some people have written whole books through the process of automatic writing. Chronicles 21:12 relates a case of automatic writing. Oahspe is another case of automatic writing.

Speaking With Animals and Birds

For most people it would be surprising to hear that a number of people have such abilities, but saints and spiritual adepts like St Francis of Assissi learned to speak with animals and birds. The peoples of many native cultures have similar traditions. 39


There is also the difficult matter of miracles.40  Various saints have performed miracles. Don Bosco was able to keep a basket of rolls continually full. There are relic miracles and there is the stigmata of people like Padre Pio. Jesus Christ was able to heal with touch. The profound question is how can such miracles be explained? The answer most likely to be true seems to be that there are laws not presently scientifically verified in addition to the known scientific laws.


Synchronicity has been experienced by spiritually inclined people as events where things happen that do not seem to follow the causal laws of material reality. An example would be when you are researching a topic and walk into a store and the book you need falls off the shelf right in front of you. Synchronicity occurs because there are multiple dimensions of reality so that the linear causality of ordinary reality is not the only operating factor. Synchronicity is happenings that occur together in a meaningful manner. Carl Jung believed that synchronicity gave conclusive evidence of his theory of archetypes and the collective unconscious and he worked hard to bring synchronicity into the modern debate. Synchronicity applies to phenomena from the area of parapsychology.  Some psychoanalysts have noted strange coincidences in which their patients received information about them by extra-sensorial means, that was information not accessible to the general public. 41 It has been suggested by some that instead of synchronicity being rare, it is all pervasive. 42

The main reason why synchronicity is so important is because it is an indicator of the intervention of higher dimensions or higher planes or worlds penetrating into the ordinary sensory world. We must always remember that synchronicity is not independent of the observer.43

Divine Inspiration

A further indicator that reality goes beyond the sensory is that people receive Divine inspiration. People have experiences of Divine inspiration and mystical experiences as reported by Dan Millman and Richard Webster in their fine books. 44


Angelic experiences have been reported many times. Angelic appearances occurred to Joan D’arc and others. The prophet Mohamed was visited many times by the Archangel Gabriel who dictated the Qu’ran to Mohamed.

Mystery Schools

That many of the ancient and modern mystery schools have come to approximately the same conclusions suggests that they are all describing or are involved in a universal Source. 45

Leys and Vortexes

There are many sacred sites on powerful vortexes where the vibrations have various spiritual qualities. The ley lines, dragon paths, or fairy trails are names for the vibrational currents that traverse the earth.46   The intersections of these ley lines are the vortexes where healings and spiritual experiences are more common. These places are also often seen as sacred sites. 47

“If we knew that acts of violence and injustice against people did not go unnoted, but had to be repaid in kind in other lifetimes how much less anger and desire for vengeance they would harbor.” Brian Weiss, hypnotherapist and author of Many Lives, Many Masters

The Nature of Water

Masaru Emoto’s researches on water give us an opening into the interface between matter and spirit that is revealing and therefore worthy of a longer description in this introduction.

Masaru Emoto, the Japanese water researcher, froze water and was able to photograph its crystals. Prayer, chanting, and good intentions create beautiful crystal formations in water as Emoto has shown. There are numerous pictures of these crystals in Emoto’s books.

Masaru Emoto has written several books on his extensive research into crystal formation in water. These include The True Power of Water and The Secret Life of Water. In his research he froze water and photographed the formations within it including beautiful crystals. He also photographed the relatively ugly formations stimulated by negative factors. He discovered that chants, prayers, feelings of love, appreciation and thankfulness produced crystal formations while hate and negative emotions produced ugly formations. He provides many pictures of these results in his books.

Emoto’s researches have given us much information about the crystalline formation of water.48  Our bodies are made up of 70% water. The fundamental principle of the universe is the law of vibration. Everything creates sound. Shintoism, a religion in Japan, is mostly about raising the vibration level required to drive out negative forces. Sounds of the same frequency resonate. People who generate similar frequencies are attracted. When you are in love you perform better work. Emoto found that people who continue to do superior work into old age are almost always in love. Humans are the only creatures who can resonate with all other creatures in nature.  Emoto emphasizes that to give positive or negative attention to something is a way of giving it energy.

Emoto found that water has different responses when shown different words. ‘Let’s do it’ has a more positive effect than ‘do it’. With ‘Do it’ there are barely any crystals. ‘Thank you’ forms beautiful crystals. The words ‘gratitude’ and ‘love’ form the fundamental positive principles or vibrations in nature. Words are the switch for turning  things on or off. We see this relationship in Emoto's studies on the effects of prayer and chanting on beautiful crystal formation in water.

According to Emoto negative emotions are related to the vibrations of various elements: mercury corresponds to irritation, lead to anger, sadness to aluminum, steel to despair and zinc to stress. Could it be that some of the despair of modernity is due to the widespread use of steel in our society?   Emoto suggests a way to get rid of negativity  by emitting the opposite emotion. Some pairings are: hate-gratitude, anger-kindness, fear-courage, anxiety-peace of mind, and pressure-peace of mind. It is revealing that other spiritual teachers such as Peggy McCall have discovered and relayed this same insight while putting their conclusions in different ways. Being positive strengthens the immune system. If  we are in the moment and  really open our eyes, we see the world is full of so much that deserves our gratitude.

Certain emotions affect certain organs. Some pairings are: kidneys-fear, intestines-stress, stomach-anxiety, liver-anger, spine-apathy, pancreas-impatience, blood-sadness, and skin-grudge. Injuries and disease are caused by a deviation from the proper vibration. Negative emotions often resonate with viruses. Angry words reduce the positive effect of food while loving words increase it. Send love and gratitude when you make food.

In an experiment Emoto found that when 350 people chanted, it cleansed Lake Buva in Japan in minutes. In contrast, if there is fighting over water, the water will contain this negativity.

Prayer is stronger if offered in the past tense. Long used prayers have a stronger effect. After prayers, water in a reservoir that had been muddy formed sharp outlines of the images of trees. Five hundred people sending positive thoughts to polluted water on Emoto’s desk caused beautiful crystals to form.

Water conveys changes from other substances as is seen by Bach flower remedies. The water takes on the essence or medicinal qualities of the flower petals. This can’t be detected chemically but only by seeing the effect of using Bach flower remedies. There is also a close relationship between DNA and water.

Masaru Emoto

Emoto has been criticized for not using double blind experiments. On the question of whether the reaction of the water came from the vibrations of the words or from the intention of the person who was pasting the words on the bottle, Emoto said that this is one of the most difficult areas to verify. My conclusion is that the observer effect is powerful, but the effect of intention and energetic vibrations is verified by countless experiences and experiments. Double blind experiments have been called for but in any experiment involving intention, the intentions of the investigators can’t be completely isolated from those of the participants.49  On prayer, Emoto said that what would make a difference is the purity of the person praying. The higher the purity of intent the less the different distance will make. If one person prays with a deep sense of clarity and purity the crystalline structure will be clear and pure. If the intention of a group is not cohesive, it forms an inconclusive structure in the water. Emoto says “I think you would probably find higher rates of violent crime in areas where a lot of negative language is used. 50 



Emoto's researches on water show that


Good intentions, prayers and chants cause the fomation of beautiful crystals in water.


Such beautiful crystals can be seen in all water.


Negative emotions produce beautiful crystal formations.


Emoto held that the law of vibrtation was a minor law.

The Role of Nature as a Path to Spirituality

The Elementals

The ancients considered the elements to be earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Each of the first four has at least one elemental associated with it. Gnomes are representative of earth, undines of water, salamanders of fire and sylphs of air. There are in addition numerous other varieties of elementals. Elementals have their existence in the etheric and are usually not seen by those who have only ordinary sight. The etheric is a subtle body or higher vibration that surrounds living creatures and the earth. Some people are able to speak to and are spoken to by elementals. This can be done because the etheric layer surrounds not only the entire world but also each body of a human being. Sometimes these elementals are called nature spirits.

Rudolph Steiner believed that humans must make a connection between nature beings and angels. Thinking spiritually ennobles one’s impressions. The elementals are emissaries of higher spiritual beings. The world of the dead has all kinds of elemental beings. Lies devour the soul and light itself is polluted by thoughts. Looking at the earth affectionately redeems the earth as it does the elementals. Laughter is the vocal expression of light. Steiner’s work contains ample evidence that the Holy Spirit is the Healing Spirit.52

Bill Bryson, from whom an appreciation of nature can be gained , has a marvelous and humorous book on walking the Appalachian Trail.

The Nature Path

When on the water or deep in the woods, the nature path takes a person into the silence where the artifitialities of society are not as present and one comes face to face with the ‘Spirit’ if one is ready.53  The silence, in a sense, is more real than the reality of ordinary human reality.54  Nature has its violent aspect and it works by laws that are inexorable, but one does encounter the beautiful and the true and the good also. Many shamans and spiritual masters have encountered spirituality in nature.55  Stalking Wolf was the teacher of Tom  Brown Jr., the tracker, who is one of the greatest naturalists and outdoorsmen of America. Another naturalist is Les Stroud, who has taken many people on trips into the wilderness and who is a survivalist expert who gives a lot of information relevant to the natural world.56  Michael Roads has written of his illuminating experiences of communing with nature. Though nature has its raw moments where one animal eats another, the beauty of nature lifts the spirit to a higher vibration.

Janisse Ray tells us that the huge formerly natural Pinhook area in Georgia has lost its wild character partly due to the human fragmentation such as that caused by roads which are enemies of all wild areas.

Ann La Bastille, the Woodswoman, lived alone in nature for many years and has a lot to tell us about her experiences in her books.57  Anne La Bastille lived for many years on Bear Lake. My friend Bill Flynt is especially impressed by Bear Lake and finds the energy of the Adirondacks to be unusually intense. This feeling of intensity certainly does come through when one reads the books of Anne La Bastille and I have had the same experience in the Adirondacks. Bill Bryson’s book on walking the Appalachian Trail is humorous and brings one into a deeper appreciation of nature. The Druids’ spirituality was completely integrated with nature, as is true of native peoples generally. In Pinhook, a wilderness area in Georgia, Janisse Ray describes the effects of man’s destruction of nature which negatively impacts on spirituality. The conclusion is that nature is a path that carries one into spirituality. Whatever the origins of one’s interaction with nature, one result is always increased spirituality.

Ann La Bastille developed a profound awareness of trees. Spruces have a somber sad whooshing sound. Pines have a happier, softer sound. Balsam firs make a short, precise, polite swishing. Sugar maples have an impatient rustling and yellow birches make a gentle, restful sighing, while quaking aspens sound like the rain. Spruces and pines are giant sticks of incense. Many mortally sick people have recovered in the Adirondacks. The turpentine vapors of conifers have a purifying effect on the atmosphere. Anne felt that when she stepped away from white pines they had exchanged some energy with her.

Anne La Bastille has done pioneering work in wildlife ecology both in the US and Guatemala and has travelled around the world and worked with many organizations to study and alleviate the destructive effects of acid rain on lakes and wildlife. 58

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall tells us that the ancients worshipped the divine power through the lower kingdoms of nature.59  The priests of Egypt surrounded themselves with cats because of the astral fire that emanated from their bodies. The Greeks gave the name daemon to some of these elementals. These elementals are composed of ether. Fairies are the highest of the elementals and have the highest vibratory rates.60

Tom Brown Jr., who has written many books on nature, found that there is a life force moving through all creation. ‘Once you have touched the wisdom there can be no turning back from the path’. Tom discovered that Inner vision is the voice of the spirit.61

Janisse Ray says the huge Pinhook area in Georgia has lost its wild character. Part of this is due to human fragmentation. All roads are enemies of wild America.62

Brandt Morgan, the author of Vision Walk, tells people to meditate on a question of importance and then to glide over the land as if in a dream. This is a way of getting the ego out of the way. Basically, it is just like a vision quest. You may see an omen such as an owl which is a warning of some kind. Be grateful even for bad things. Give thanks for everything.63

In Wisdom of The Wilderness, Gerald May says that coping separates you from life. Speaking of his camping wilderness encounters with a bear, May tells us that sometimes you eat the fear and sometimes the fear eats you. May found that the wilderness had a power of slowing one that he did not find in civilization. You sense your own existence when you are in terror. In his wilderness travels, May added to his knowledge of the various types of violence: accidental, careless, reasoned violence for sport, mindless cruelty, revenge, jealousy, paranoia, self-defense, genocide, political torture, bigotry, homophobia, rape and natural violence. He saw that caribous sometimes stare down attacking wolves.64

Fred Hegender, the author of Heritage of Trees, relates his discovery that humanity began its spiritual quest under trees. Western society created a mental split between itself and nature and between matter and spirit. With animism there developed entire hierarchies of nature spirits. Phyllomancy is divination from the rustling of leaves. Tree oracles were familiar to all Semitic peoples. Many Indian villages have a sacred grove. In Buddhism, it is well known that the Buddha received enlightment under a Bodhi tree. For the Druids, trees were doors to the spirit world. In the 5th century C.E. Paganism was deprived of all rights in Europe and with the demise of Paganism humanity lost much of its tree related spirituality.65

Trees and other parts of nature have both negative and positive energy. Cats enjoy spots of negative energy. Dogs enjoy positive energy like humans. Linden trees are positive and ivy is negative.

In Energy Dowsing For Everyone, Patrick Mac Manaway, a professional dowser, advises people to offer a prayer that your dowsing will be for the greatest good of all beings. Blessing your food increases its energy level. The etheric level is the western equivalent of chi and is present in all things. The spirit of the place can inspire us to great deeds. There are nodal points on the dragon path. The longer we spend in one place, the greater its effect on us. Wild growing plants and animals express the spirit of the landscape. If you watch where many old people are in good health it tells you much about areas of positive energy. It is possible to enter creative dialogue with the spirit of a place. Our thoughts can repattern an etheric field. Geographic stress affects us primarily at an etheric level.66

In Wisdom of The Elders, David Suzuki reports on the views of many native peoples. The Kayapo Indians of the Amazon Rainforest would never be so greedy as to take too much of anything. The vocabulary of native knowledge is gentle and accommodating toward nature rather than aggressive and manipulative.This is true of the Hanumoo people in the Philippines. For them each species is seen as richly endowed with its gifts. The Kayukan people of the Alaskan interior personify their surroundings and for them the forest has eyes and can be offended. For the Chewong people of Malaysia all species deserve profound respect. For them, people aren’t supposed to ridicule or laugh at animals. The Kung Bushman of the Kalahari Desert in S. Africa, have considerable leisure time for spiritual activities. They can expertly reproduce birdsong. For the Kayukan of Alaska, much of the natural world is steeped in spirituality. The Mnong Gar of Vietnam have a deep reverence for the forest which is the habitat of the spirit.67 


Truths about the nature path include


It's a path to spirituality.


It has become an ever increasing path to spirituality with the growth of industrialism.


When in natural surroundings people generally do not experience energy interchanges with nature.


While in nature, people never experience anything like a life force.

 The Centrality of Spiritual Laws

When I started my intensive research into spirituality years ago I was surprised at how infrequently spiritual laws were even referred to, much less adequately explained, so I began a quest to find these laws and their adequate explanations. This search led me to the conclusions expressed in this book. There is a universality about the spiritual laws though they are not always given the same names or the same order or even the same descriptions and often some are left out of the accounts in different spiritual traditions. We can benefit greatly from attention to these laws, which quite often are not explained adequately.

Many, if not all of these laws, can be found in material about the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Murray Hope, in Practical Atlantean Magic,68 discusses the spiritual laws of Atlantis. One law in Atlantis was the law of three requests which increases the likelihood of manifestation because of the triple vibration put out by three requests. Another law was the law of cause and effect which has been called Karma in the Hindu tradition. The law of contact or contagion is based on the fact that things in contact continue to interact long after separation. Everything in life is interconnected. There is the law of attraction which operates on the basis of your vibrations attracting similar vibrations. The law of forgiveness increases one’s love which in turn comes back to one. There is the law of unity of the All-pervasive Spirit. There is the law of giving and receiving for you have to give and receive to keep things circulating in your life. There is the law of the least effort or of no resistance. There is the law of intention for attention energizes. The law of detachment holds that to acquire anything in the physical universe you have to relinquish your attachment to it. The law of dharma or purpose holds that we are in physical form for a purpose. There is the law that energy follows thought. The law of love maintains that when we experience love, we experience transformation of all aspects of our life.  Murray Hope does not always explain these laws fully, but it is important to at least mention them.

In Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls, Ted Andrews tells us that we construct our reality, that everything in life is interconnected, but that connections can’t be perceived through ordinary consciousness. All things are possible, but some things are more probable. Focus and attention are essential to develop. Your health will affect your abilities.69  

In The Soul Healer, Joseph Nichols explains that energy follows thought. One law is the law of attraction for the more positive and powerful the emotion the quicker and more complete the manifestation. The law of forgiveness is based on the law of love. When we begin to experience universal love, we experience transformation of our personality and all aspects of our life. Then we leave behind only the essence of our soul.70

Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual laws of Success indicates that attention energizes and intentionality lays the groundwork for effortless flow of potentiality . The law of dharma or purpose of life means that we have manifested in physical form to fulfill a purpose. You have to give and receive to keep things circulating in your life.

One of the modern spiritual masters is Deepak Chopra. In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Chopra describes the law of pure potentiality as based on the fact that we are pure consciousness which is our spiritual essence that is unbounded. This could also be called the law of unity, for underlying diversity is the unity of the all-pervasive spirit. The more you experience your true nature, the closer you are to pure potentiality. The law of giving could be called the law of giving and receiving. You have to give and receive to keep things circulating in your life. The law of karma or cause and effect means that karma is both action and the consequence of action. The law of least effort or least action or no resistance is a difficult one to understand, but it’s the principle of harmony and love. Attention energizes and intention lays the groundwork for effortless flow of potentiality. The law of detachment means that to acquire anything in the physical universe you have to relinquish your attachment to it, that is, attachment to the result. The law of dharma or purpose of life means that we have manifested in physical form to fulfill a purpose.71

There is a striking commonality of the spiritual laws as described by various cultures and persons. A unifying theme of love, forgiveness, unity with others, and service does emerge.


Spiritual laws are


Given a prominent and emphasized place in capitalist culture.


Always given the same name regardless of the spiritual tradition.


Perhaps surpirsingly allmost universally found in spiritual expressions everywhere.


Always explained clearly in modern cultures.


In this introduction a series of indicators have been briefly referred to in order to convey the possibility that they show a reality which transcends the ordinary reality of this materialistic age. In this discussion of reincarnation a deeper and more extensive description is given since reincarnation is so central in pointing to the existence of higher worlds and to the nature of spirituality. This examination of reincarnation shows the importance of the ascension of higher levels of consciousness that are so closely united with spirituality. This more intensive look at reincarnation also serves as an example of the attention that will be given to some of these indicators in later chapters.

Ian Stevenson maintains that the belief in reincarnation is justified based on his numerous case studies of children who  knew where they had lived before in another lifetime. My review of several reincarnation studies plus examination of reincarnation reports in many mystery schools throws strong doubt on the dismissal of Stevenson’s conclusions. Stevenson’s work has actually been well known by spiritual researchers for many years and this writer has found it to be both well documented and persuasive.

Roger Woolger, a hypnotherapist, and author of Other Lives, Other Selves, has contributed much to a genuine understanding of reincarnation. “It is through the stories that come through our ‘other lives’ that we learn to accept the many selves that ompose our common humanity.”

One of the most important laws that is essential for understanding spirituality is certainly the law of reincarnation. Roger Woolger, author of Other Lives, Other Selves an important book by a hypnotic therapist who concluded that belief in reincarnation was justified, relates that one American  psychological association declared the whole field of parapsychology anathema. In my examination of psychology texts for the last 30 years, there was only one that even had a section on parapsychology Thus we can easily see that the important theory of reincarnation has generally been ruled out of psychology and the same position has been generally prevalent in other academic disciplines.

At the moment of death karma may be either released or further intensified. More often than not, childhood traumas are reruns of past life events. Woolger did many hypnotic past life regressions. At death, seeing the Clear Light of the Void releases all karma. After death experiences resemble near death experiences. (NDE’s)72

In Life Between Life Joel Whitton reports on his hypnotic regressions of people to the Bardo of the Tibetans. The Bardo is the state after death and before entry into the next earth life. In our subconscious we are as familiar with discarnate existence as we are with the earth plane. After death our recent life is evaluated and the next incarnation planned according to our karmic requirements. “Past life therapy identifies the higher self that transcends lifetimes and exerts a telling influence on the way we think and behave”.73

In a fascinating description Whitton indicates that in ancient Egypt, the Bardo was known as Amenthe, the Okinawans called it Gusho, the Australian Aborigines, Anjea, and Roman Catholics Purgatory. The personality of a newborn will sometimes dictate a name. Whitton concludes that: “The smoothest transition from the incarnate to the discarnate state is accomplished by those individuals who have spent their lives molding an outer character in accordance with the soul’s highest impulses.”

The original title of The Egyptian Book of the Dead was Going Forth Into Light. Blinding light is the predominant feature of the Bardo. Whitton’s subjects with narrow religious views found that personal evolution can’t be explained by being ‘saved’. When Jesus said ‘the kingdom of God is within you’, he was probably referring to the oversoul which contains a multiplicity of personalities. The price of the soul’s advancement is always challenge and difficulty and this is the very reason why incarnations become progressively more arduous as the soul evolves. One woman described each plane as lighter and brighter than the one before it. Cayce suggests that the soul enters the body shortly before birth, shortly after birth, or at birth. Whitton’s subjects support this.

Those who have visited the interlife agree on one fundamental aspect which is that everyone is responsible for who they are and for the circumstances in which they find themselves. We are the ones who are doing the choosing. We are all partaking in an awesome evolutionary process.

In 533 CE there was an official edict against the doctrine of reincarnation under Emperor Justinian. This was followed by persecution. The Cathars resisted but were slaughtered. The Alchemists and Rosicrucians brought this belief of reincarnation into modern times.

Hundreds of thousands have been healed by past life therapy. To believe in karma is to accept the world as just since we are here to make amends for past wrongs that we have done. This is the central notion of reincarnation. When you help another you help yourself is the most basic karmic law. The Christian Gnostics and the Hebrew Kabbalists developed an understanding of karma as a law of compensation or as a law of making amends. Physical and psychological disorders and personal tragedies are a result of karma. The way out of negative karma is taking responsibility for everything in one's lfe and it is very true that the more we learn the faster we evolve.74

In Dick Sutphen’s Enlightment Transcripts, he says that challenge is doing what we really enjoy doing. Thoughts are things and they create karma. It is a universal law that what you resist you draw to yourself. All masters love unconditionally. With conscious detachment your brain releases endorphins and you become mellow and detached. As we let go of fear we become capable of expressing unconditional love. An altruistic mind is the expression of unconditional love. Reincarnation and karma are the path to spiritual evolution. Everything except unconditional love is illusion. Karma is the result of your past right and wrong actions and presents you with the problems you face in each life. In accepting karma as your philosophical basis of reality you accept total self-responsibility. The Council of Nicea of 325 CE probably removed reincarnation because they thought it allowed people to be independent and responsible for themselves. Therefore the system that makes reincarnation workable and logical is karma. Looked at karmically, the effects of one’s actions are harmonious, disharmonious or neutral. Sutphen contends that either everything is karmic or nothing is karmic and if nothing is karmic we are living in a meaningless universe. Blame is totally incompatible with karma. If we are filled with love, positive thoughts and compassion, we are probably on the right track. All positive and loving thoughts and actions help cancel bad karma.

Sutphen stresses that: “The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity”. Everything we feel strongly about relates back to an event or series of events in a previous life. It is your right to do anything as long as it does not hurt anyone else. An individual who has had a terrible life by worldly standards may have had great soul growth. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing for there is no way to attain growth without taking chances. Not risking is the surest way of losing. Never act in any way that causes you to lose self-esteem. People are born with vibratrional rates resulting from the way they lived their previous lives.75   Sutphen states: “Everything you think, say and do creates harmonious vibrations or disharmonious vibrations”. Your vibrational rate is your level of awareness.76

In Your Past Lives; A Reincarnation Handbook, Michael Talbot reports on Helen Wambach’s discussion in her Reliving Past Lives about her hypnotic sessions with adults on their past lives. She found that most remembered living lives as humble peasants. More than 90% were primitive food gatherers or peasants. Less than 10% recalled lives as aristocrats. Past life therapists report that in many cases the unearthing of the memories responsible for disorders alleviated them. Researchers have found that you do not even need to believe in reincarnation to recall previous lives. P. Yogananda, author of Man’s Eternal Quest, states that: ‘Through analysis of your present strong tendencies you can pretty accurately surmise what kind of life you led before’. Yogananda said that the eyes especially will be like they were before because they are the windows to the soul. In Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda asserts that one’s astrological birth chart is a portrait of all past karma one has brought into the current incarnation.77

Many trance entities are in surprising accordance in their overall descriptions of the mechanics of reincarnation and the after death state. Many discarnate entities stress that physical reality is ultimately created by consciousness.

Always thank your guardian spirits for their assistance.78

“If we knew that acts of violence and injustice against people did not go unnoted, but had to be repaid in kind in other lifetimes how much less anger and desire for vengeance they would harbor.” Brian Weiss, hypnotherapist and author of Many Lives Many Masters  

Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters79

A recent work that has special significance as evidence both of the existence of a non-material world and for the interaction of that world with the material world is Brian Weiss’ Many Lives, Many Masters. This is especially true because Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist who has worked many years with patients exhibiting many types of psychological problems. His work with one patient, Catherine’, is significant because it transformed his view of reality and gave him convincing proof of the existence of a non-material world that interacts with our world. His work with Catherine is worthy of a detailed discussion which follows.80

Weiss found that patients improved when they remembered unpleasant experiences because of undergoing hypnotic therapy. Catherine's phobias and panic attacks nearly disappeared after several regressive hypnotic sessions. Weiss was also expanding the horizons of his own mind as he heard what Catherine was saying.

Catherine’s Past lives

Weiss regressed Catherine back many times and she related many previous lives while under hypnosis. Catherine remembered one life from 1536 BCE. At her death in this life she found herself floating in the air. This reminded Weiss of Ray Moody’s studies of near death experiences (NDE’s). After another life she drifted up to the clouds feeling perplexed and confused. Soon she began to feel herself pulled into a tiny, warm space about to be born. When she died in one life, she saw a bright light after death. In this life she spoke in a husky voice and said: ‘Our task is to learn to become God-like’. She later identified the master’s highly evolved soul, not presently in the body, as the source. In another life, she was black and lived in Virginia. At her death in this life she found herself floating up to the ceiling. And she found the light becoming brighter and more luminous.  In another life, she was a servant in the 18th century, and she had a second life as a servant. She had a life in Egypt where she described the religion as one of fear involving Osiris and Hathor. She had a second life in Egypt where she related that the gods were angry because the people had disobeyed the laws. She had a life as a German and was in a war. She felt that people were dying for nothing and dying for the ideas of a few people who were power crazy. From that life she learned of hate and senseless killing by people who hate and do not know why.

Weiss’ Findings


Hypnosis is excellent for helping patients remember long forgotten memories.  Weiss noted that Catherine had never read the studies of Kubler-Ross or Ray Moody, nor had she ever heard of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, yet she was describing experiences similar to these writings.

In the sessions, Weiss watched for tragedies such as rape and mass catastrophes which might heavily impact on his patients.

Weiss also wondered if the relation of such stories of lives might be due to genetic memory? But Catherine lived in different areas of the earth and her genetic line was interrupted repeatedly. Her genetic pool had ended yet her memories continued.

Since completing Catherine’s therapy, Weiss has done multiple regressions to past lives in a dozen or more patients. All improved dramatically.  But none could transmit messages anything like those of Catherine's. Yet all had vivid memories of previous lifetimes.

An Open Mind

As a result of his work with Catherine and others, Weiss came to strongly believe that therapists must keep open minds.


The Afterlife

According to Catherine the soul finds peace in the afterlife and she reported a wonderful energizing light. On hearing this from Catherine, Weiss realized he was losing his fear of death.

Comas and Anesthesia

Weiss discovered that people in comas are not yet ready to cross into the other plane. If they feel they have no more learning in the physical state, they are allowed to cross over. But if they have more learning to do they must come back even if they don’t want to. People in comas can decide whether to return depending on how much learning they have to do. This information meshes well with research on NDE’s. Weiss found that under anesthesia your mind is very much aware of what’s going on.


Weiss studied the works of Ian Stevenson who researched 2000 children who had supposedly reincarnated. Many of these children exhibited xenglosy which is the ability to speak a foreign language.Weiss concluded that eventually people will reach a point where they are all equal. He found that we carry over our abilities and debts into the afterlife. Catherine reported that if we do not check our vices we carry them over into the afterlife. She also found out that we must help people whose vibrations are wrong. We must be concerned with making ourselves whole and doing things unselfishly. Catherine found that it is important not to judge others.

Guardian Angels

Weiss concluded that If people know that guardian Angels exist, they would feel much safer.

The Spiritual Planes

Catherine said that she had been to different planes at different times. Each one is at a higher level of consciousness. What plane we go to depends on how far we have progressed. Catherine relayed that there are seven planes, each of which has many levels. We must pass through the seven planes before we are returned. One of these planes is the plane of recollection. Another is the plane of transition. A master said: ‘In that plane it is determined what you will take back with you into the next life’. If you do not overcome greed you take it with you into the next life, etc.. There are seven astral planes, but she has only been told about the planes of transition and recollection. Psychic powers are more important on these planes than they are here.


In this introduction we have assembled Indicators and evidence that point to the existence of worlds beyond this material world. These examples raise questions about the adequacy of the reductionist materialistic explanation of reality. In fact these anomalies basically show that the scientific materialistic view is adequate only for explaining the material world and even in doing this it sometimes fails to explain many occurrences which indicate the existence of other worlds. The chapters that follow clarify and amplify these themes so that the reader can see and understand solutions to these spiritual problems offered by various spiritual schools. Pursuit and study of this material is a form of meditation and the outcome will be more spiritual development.  

Angelic appearances, 13

aura, 10

Auras, 5

automatic writing, 11

Bach flower remedies, 14

beautiful crystal formations, 11

Bilocation, 6

causal body, 3

clairaudience, 5

Clairvoyance, 4

Crystal formation, 14

Divine inspiration, 13

dogmatisms, 1

dowsing, 17

elementals, 15

ESP, 2

heavenly music when dying, 6

hypnotic past life regressions, 20

incorruptibility, 7

incorruptible, 6

karma, 21

Kirlian photography, 3

Levitation, 7

lucid dreams, 2

miracles, 11

mystery schools, 13

nadis, 3

native peoples, 17

Near death experiences, 4

Negative emotions, 14

open minded, 1

out of body experiences, 4

past lives, 5

post death reappearances, 5

Prayer, 14

proofs of the spirit, 1

Psychometry, 9

reductionist materialism, 1

reductionistic materialistic, 29

Reincarnation, 19

review of the events of their lives., 11

sacred sites, 13

Shintoism, 13

speaking with animals and birds, 11

spiritual, 1

subtle bodies, 2

Synchronicity, 11

The Bardo, 20

The Egyptian Book of the Dead, 20

The Nature Path, 16

The Spiritual Laws, 18

theory of the left-right brain, 2

trance readings, 6

trees, 16, 17

tumo, 9

verifiable, 1

visions, 4

water, 13



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