Society and the Individual: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Social Science
Society and the Individual: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Social Science

Society and the Individual: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Social Science

Lead Author(s): Alison Rautman

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This interactive textbook introduces students to the social sciences, & provides an interdisciplinary perspective on human physical, social, and cultural variation.

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Key features in this textbook

Chapters 1 through 9 introduce the concept of a liberal arts education, and provide a broad overview of each of the social science disciplines.
Chapters 10 through 17 build on these concepts to introduce students to the interdisciplinary study of human biological and sociocultural variation.
The textbook includes explicit discussion of basic study skills and skills for critical thinking– concepts helpful for beginning college students and non-majors.

About this textbook

Lead Authors

Dr. Alison E. RautmanThe University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Alison received PhD in Anthropology from The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, with a specialization in the prehistoric archaeology of the American Southwest. She taught anthropology, archaeology, biocultural evolution, and interdisciplinary social science for over 20 years at Michigan State University and has involved over 1000 students in testing this e-textbook in large lecture classes as well as in the context of a completely online course.

What you get from this textbook

This textbook introduces students to the major concepts and theorists of each of the social science disciplines, and provides an interdisciplinary introduction to major themes in human biological, social, and cultural variation. It includes design ideas from successful, evidence-based pedagogies and strategies, encouraging students to apply social science concepts to everyday life and to reflect on their learning.

Instructors can control student access to the answers to open-ended essays. These discussions can be private (visible only to the instructor) or can be opened for students to compare their experiences with those of others in the class. Reflective essays also be automatically recorded as “completed” or “not completed” in the gradebook for ease of use in large classes.

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