Writing for Canadian Health Professionals, 2nd Edition
Writing for Canadian Health Professionals, 2nd Edition

Writing for Canadian Health Professionals, 2nd Edition

Lead Author(s): Lisa Salem-Wiseman, Sobia Zaman

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Nelson - Now available in a second edition, Writing for Canadian Health Professionals was the first of its kind in terms of student accessibility, Canadian content, and coverage of writing instruction specific to the health care area. Using a wide variety of documents and supporting pedagogy, the text guides students through the whys and hows of professional writing for the health care industry. The authors have drawn on their experiences in teaching writing to health science students and have rooted the text in the belief that students in these programs learn communication skills best when their textbook incorporates health-related themes, examples and content.

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Writing for Canadian Health Professionals, Second Edition

by Lisa Salem-Wiseman and Sobia Zaman

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Salem-Wiseman, Lisa, author
Writing for Canadian health professionals/Lisa Salem-Wiseman, Humber College, Sobia Zaman, Humber College. — Second edition.

Includes index.
ISBN 978-0-17-657222-8 (pbk.)

1. Medical writing. I. Zaman, Sobia, author II. Title.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-17-657222-8
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