Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Lead Author(s): Prabin Shilpakar

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Our Earth is a dynamic planet, so there are a frequent accumulation and release of energy within the Earth that produce natural hazards. The Earth's natural processes are responsible for disasters that cause casualties, and the destruction of landscape and property. When these natural calamities strike heavy blows to humans, then they become a topic of interest to us. As the human population has increased dramatically over the past century, more people find themselves exposed to natural hazards. With the development of information technology and the news media, we have access to stunning images and stories from a different part of the world where numerous people lost their lives and properties because of natural disasters. Unfortunately, human communities are now expanding into areas previously contemplated as hazardous to life. So, we have to pay more attention to the geologic hazards and have a better understanding of the Earth's processes that enable us to tackle these global challenges and manage the inevitable natural catastrophes. To understand Earth's processes, we must know about the mechanisms and energy sources that fuel them. We need to know planet Earth as a whole.

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Multiple Choice

How old is the planet Earth?


4.6 billion years


4.6 million years


3.8 billion years


4 billion years


None of the Above

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What is the natural phenomenon that causes sudden shaking of the ground and buildings ?

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True or False

Volcanic eruptions are the natural phenomenon





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