Elementary Astronomy
Elementary Astronomy

Elementary Astronomy

Lead Author(s): Robert Gowdy

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"Elementary Astronomy" provides the basic concepts and history of astronomy for use in a general education science course that is taken by non-science majors. It focuses primarily on solar system astronomy and the search for life as a way to introduce students to a wide variety of sciences, but also covers the basic concepts of stellar astronomy. The mathematics level should be suitable for a college-level course without mathematics prerequisites.

Elementary Astronomy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Exploring the Natural World

Chapter 2: Patterns in the Sky

Chapter 3: The Planet Puzzle

Chapter 4: Building Scientific Models

Chapter 5: Models of Motion

Chapter 6: Solar System Overview

Chapter 7: The Terrestrial Planets

Chapter 8: Earth's Moon

Chapter 9: The Jovian Planets

Chapter 10:  The Outer Regions and Origin of the Solar System

Chapter 11: Earth, the Living Planet

Chapter 12: The Search for Life

Chapter 13: Measuring Starlight

Chapter 14: Star Colors and Classes

Chapter 15: Stellar Evolution I

Chapter 16: Stellar Evolution II

Chapter 17: The Milky Way Galaxy

Chapter 18: Galaxies and Deep Space