Weathering and Soil Formation Study Guide
Weathering and Soil Formation Study Guide

Weathering and Soil Formation Study Guide

Lead Author(s): Lumen Learning, Kimberly Schulte

Source: Lumen Learning

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A study guide focused on weathering and soil formation.

Weathering and Soil Formation Study Guide

Objective: Explain the formation of soils, different weathering processes and erosion.


When most people think about the resources we use, most of them will immediately think about water and air and fossil fuels. However, one resource that is absolutely vital to our existence (and other species as well) is soil. In this section, we will see how soil is formed, we will see why all soils are not the same, and we will see what the soil looks like in different biomes.

You may recall from the rock cycle that  soil is formed from the weathering of rocks, but this is just one piece of what goes into soil formation. If we stop and think about soil for just a minute, we can come up with an impressive resume of what soil does:

These are just a few examples of why soil is essential as a resource. So, let’s see how soil forms and why there are so many different types of soil.


Describe types and processes of weathering and erosion.


Describe and compare typical soil profiles and basic soil types.


Discuss the importance of soil conservation.

Authored by: Kimberly Schulte and Lumen Learning. Provided by: Lumen Learning. License: CC BY: Attribution