Physical Science
Physical Science

Physical Science

Lead Author(s): Trisha Jackson

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A tour of the physical sciences, this text starts with the beginning of the universe, the origin of the solar system, and the Earth and the Moon, setting the stage for an overview of the history of science, and leading seamlessly into Physics and Chemistry. From here, a natural progression into the Earth Sciences commences, including the Atmosphere and Geosphere. Finally, a capstone chapter on climate, soils, and agriculture brings the class together, wrapping up on a relatable note.

Physical Science

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Origins of our World

Chapter 2. The Sun and the Stars

Chapter 3. Highlights and Heroes of Science History

Chapter 4. Physics of Motion

Chapter 5. Energy

Chapter 6. Fundamentals of Chemistry

Chapter 7. Atmospheric Science

Chapter 8. The Earth's Crust

Chapter 9. The Geological Cycle

Chapter 10. Climate, Biomes, and Soils