Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry

Introductory Chemistry

Lead Author(s): Jennifer Donovan

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"Introductory chemistry features over 750 interactive questions and solution keys to include basic math review for intro level students. The course includes embedded videos, virtual and kitchen chemistry labs with related assessment of labs, automatic grading and can be customized for specific course use."

Key features in this textbook

Integrated questions

  • Includes text-based, integrated homework, and lab-based questions

Built-in assessments

  • Over 760 built-in assessment questions are embedded throughout chapters 
  • These questions offer hints and solutions for math-based questions 
  • A discussion area is offered for peer-to-peer interaction

Interactive learning

  • Each chapter comes with auto-graded interactive questions, videos and eye-catching visuals
  • Virtual and kitchen chemistry labs are provided, as well as related lab assessments

About this textbook

Lead Author

Jennifer Donovan Ma.ED, M.S, Ph.D.Arizona State University

Jennifer Donovan is an innovative professor from Arizona State University. She has 19 years of experience working with at-risk and under-represented populations at both the high school and the university level. She has been an integral part of online curriculum for Arizona State University and always strives to keep updated on the best pedagogical practices to help reach students that struggle with math. Dr. Donovan currently serves as a Lecturer and has also published and presented on cutting-edge educational practices.

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