Invertebrate Zoology
Invertebrate Zoology

Invertebrate Zoology

Lead Author(s): Shannon Lee

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Coverage is heavy on morphology, anatomy, reproduction, and descriptive early development with some inclusion of ecology and evolution.

Table of Contents for the Invertebrate Zoology Textbook:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Body plans, reproduction, development, & our own phylum

Chapter 3: Invertebrate Chordates

Chapter 4: Phylum Hemichordata

Chapter 5: Phylum Echinodermata

Chapter 6: Phylum Phoronida, Phylum Brachiopoda, & Phylum Bryozoa

Chapter 7: Phylum Mollusca - Part I: General, Class Aplacophora, Class Monoplacophora, Class Polyplacophora

Chapter 8: Phylum Mollusca - Part II: Class Gastropoda

Chapter 9: Phylum Mollusca - Part III: Class Bivalvia, Class Cephalopoda, Class Scaphopoda

Chapter 10: Phylum Annelida

Chapter 11: Echiurans and Sipunculids- Where do they belong?

Chapter 12: Phylum Nemertea

Chapter 13: Phylum Nematoda, Phylum Onychophora, Phylum Tardigrada, and Phylum Priapulida

Chapter 14: Phylum Arthropoda - Part I: General and Subphylum Trilobita

Chapter 15: Phylum Arthropoda - Part II: Subphylum Chelicerata

Chapter 16: Phylum Arthropoda - Part III: Subphylum Hexapoda

Chapter 17: Phylum Arthropoda - Part IV: Subphylum Crustacea

Chapter 18: Phylum Platyhelminthes

Chapter 19: Phylum Ctenophora

Chapter 20: Phylum Cnidaria

Chapter 21: Phylum Porifera