Our Environment: A Canadian Perspective, 5th Edition
Our Environment: A Canadian Perspective, 5th Edition

Our Environment: A Canadian Perspective, 5th Edition

Lead Author(s): Ann Zimmerman, Dianne Draper

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Nelson - This fully revised and updated fifth edition of Our Environment engages students and encourages them to critically evaluate potential solutions to environmental problems we now face. The authors outline specific environmental issues and provide the scientific underpinning required to enable students to understand the complexities at the root of these issues. The authors provide many examples of policy success to help students see that environmental concerns are not insurmountable, and that a sustainable future is something that can be attained. Sometimes issues are resolved relatively quickly – removal of phosphorus from various detergents or replacements for chlorofluorocarbons for example. Other issues such as acid rain can take a decade or more to address. Highly complex issues – loss of global biodiversity or global environmental change – remain unresolved. The text acknowledges that important in moving these issues forward has and will continue to be both environmental professionals and a critically informed public. Team up with Draper and Zimmerman’s fifth edition of Our Environment and inspire your students to create a successful future for our environment.

A Canadian Perspective


Dianne Draper
University of Calgary

Ann Zimmerman
University of Toronto

With contributions from

Lucy Sportza
University of Guelph

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Our Environment: A Canadian Perspective, Fifth Edition
by Dianne Draper and Ann P. Zimmerman

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Draper, Dianne Louise, 1949-, author Our environment : a Canadian perspective / Dianne Draper, Ann P. Zimmerman, Lucy M. Sportza. —Fifth edition.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Issued in print and electronic formats.

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