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Anatomy and Physiology in Context

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Anatomy and Physiology in Context takes a student-centric, active learning approach. A conversational tone and quizzes throughout simplify complex concepts. Learning extends beyond the page with a virtual 3D human, videos breaking down challenging physiological processes and real-world clinical case studies that link to core concepts. Engage your students with this modern, customizable and interactive text.

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Authoring Content

John Redden

Lead Author

John Redden and Joe Crivello

John Redden

Lead Author, University of Connecticut

John holds a BS degree in pharmacology and a PhD in biomedical science. He has taught anatomy and physiology for many years in a variety of formats ranging from small to ultra large classes. His passion to be a better educator has led him to develop an interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning in anatomy and physiology courses.

He currently serves as a National Academies Education Mentor in the Sciences, where he helps faculty across STEM disciplines transition to scientific, evidence-based pedagogies. He also serves as Assistant Director of Faculty Development programs at the University of Connecticut’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, where he supports faculty in integrating new educational technologies into their classrooms.

Joe Crivello

Lead Author, University of Connecticut

Joe received a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and went on to be a post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, San Diego. In 1983, he joined the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology at University of Connecticut, where he is now a full professor.

He has taught anatomy and physiology for the past 34 years and has a wealth of experience developing active learning exercises for use in his own classroom. He is also a Teaching Fellow of the Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching, and is the Pre-Medical Advisor at his university.

Contributing Content

  • Gerald Brasington, Clinical Author
  • Melissa Fox, Contributing Author
  • Ron Gerrits, Contributing Author
  • Chaya Gopalan, Contributing Author
  • Angela Hess, Contributing Author
  • Diana Horrigan, Contributing Author
  • Kristen Kimball, Contributing Author
  • Andrew Lokuta, Contributing Author
  • Melissa Marcucci, Contributing Author
  • Michele Moore, Contributing Author
  • Matthew Orange, Contributing Author
  • Bruce Prichler, Contributing Author
  • Chris Trimby, Active Learning Author
  • Chad Wayne, Contributing Author
  • Kira Werstein, Contributing Author

Table Of Contents

  • 1. Introduction & Organizing Principles
  • 2. Cell Structure and Function
  • 3. Histology
  • 4. Integumentary System
  • 5. Bone & Axial Skeleton
  • 6. Appendicular Skeleton
  • 7. Articulations
  • 8. Excitable Tissues
  • 9. Skeletal Muscle
  • 10. Muscle Mechanics
  • 11. The Central Nervous System
  • 12. General Sensation
  • 13. Specialized Senses
  • 14. Motor Pathways
  • 15. The Autonomic Nervous System
  • 16. The Endocrine System
  • 17. Blood
  • 18. Heart
  • 19. Circulation and Short Term BP Regulation
  • 20. The Respiratory System
  • 21. The Immune System
  • 22. The Digestive System
  • 23. Nutrition & Metabolism
  • 24. The Renal System & Long Term BP Regulation
  • 25. Reproductive System
  • 26. Fetal Development & Human Genetics



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