Top Hat Training Pack
Top Hat Training Pack

Top Hat Training Pack

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The materials included in this training pack provides an overview of the Top Hat Training Journey, with supplemental resources on Top Hat best practices.

Course Preparation Checklist


Top Hat

Pre-class homework

- Some questions for homework / review
- Questions with feedback in Pages
- Interactive Homework
- Top Hat Texts

Reading Quizzes

- Folders of questions at beginning of class
- Scheduled assignments before class
- Top Hat Tests


- Attendance
- Secure Attendance
- Questions / Participation as Attendance

In-class Questions

- Multiple Choice Questions
- Advanced Question Types (Click-on-target, Matching)
- Discussions
- Group Work


- Informal quizzes
- Homework in Pages
- Top Hat Tests


- Basic views in Question Reports
- Pages / Weighting of the Gradebook
- Custom Gradebook work
- Custom Assignment for personalizing learning