After Class Lesson Feedback
After Class Lesson Feedback

After Class Lesson Feedback

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Use this page after each lesson to encourage students to participate in metacognition

How to use this Page

Great job downloading the After Class Lesson Feedback page! This resource is a vital part of creating an Active Learning classroom, and encourages students to participate in metacognition. By encouraging metacognition, you are providing the link between activity and learning1

As a rule, none of the content in Top Hat is visible to students unless it is Presented or Assigned. Since we want students to complete this page outside of class, we will assign it to Homework Mode. Do not assign this sheet to Review mode, since Review Mode does not record student responses.  


  1. Place your feedback form in a convenient location so that it's easy to keep track of your feedback. You can keep the page in the same folder as the slide deck its associated with, or you can simply place all of your feedback pages in a folder of their own. 
  2. Relabel your page to match the week or content that it is associated with 
  3. Assign the Page to Homework mode. You can use the Custom Assign feature to set a schedule that will automatically unassign the content from students based on your needs. 
  4. When you're ready to check the feedback, revisit the page and click the Show Student Responses button on each question. You will be able to see discussion posts immediately without any extra steps.

Visual Walkthrough

Step 1 - Place content with related material


Step 2 - Relabel the page 


Step 3 - Auto-assign to Homework Mode (Custom Assign) 


Step 4 - Check for student responses 



1 Brame, C., (2016). Active learning. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. Retrieved September 24, 2018 from

What is metacognition?
Metacognition is the act of thinking about thinking. By encouraging students to reflect on their own thought process, they are able to better understand their own learning preferences or weaknesses.