College Success - A Concise Practical Guide
College Success - A Concise Practical Guide

College Success - A Concise Practical Guide

Lead Author(s): David L. Strickland, Carol J. Strickland

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College Success, A Concise Practical Guide, from BVT Publishing, is a comprehensive textbook with all of the content required to teach a typical College Success or FYE course. This Top Hat version contains everything you need for before, during, and after class. Students can read fully customizable chapters with built-in active learning components and formative assessment elements. Each chapter is accompanied by PowerPoint slides with built-in comprehension questions and engagement tools. After class, students can engage with pre-made, fully customizable homework assignments, plus chapter summaries for student review. There is also a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter Instructor’s Manual; pre-made customizable midterm and final exams; and extensive test banks.

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Top Hat has reimagined the textbook – one that is designed to improve student readership through interactivity, is updated by a community of collaborating professors with the newest information, and accessed online from anywhere, at anytime.

  • Top Hat Textbooks are built full of embedded videos, interactive timelines, charts, graphs, and video lessons from the authors themselves
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Key features in this textbook

Critical Thinking Activities: Immediately following the roadmap page is a critical thinking activity, which is intended to be completed by the student prior to reading the chapter
Top Hat Textbooks are built full of embedded videos, interactive timelines, charts, graphs, and study tools
Teach with a personal touch—customize the textbooks and add your own discussion prompts, learning objectives, or video

About this textbook

Textbook Details

College Success: A Concise Practical Guide is especially designed to help students succeed in college. It contains twelve brief—but rich—chapters on topics proven to make a difference for academic success. It teaches students to focus on learning rather than focus on grades.

This book is written by two professors who have over forty-six years of combined teaching experience. They have taught in small two-year colleges as well as in large public and private universities


David L. Strickland, MAEast Georgia State College

David L. Strickland, MA, is the director of the Student Success Program and a professor of sociology at East Georgia State College. He is coauthor of an introductory sociology textbook, My Sociology, now in its second edition. He is the author of the freshman orientation course textbook at East Georgia State College, College Success: A Concise Practical Guide (seventh edition).

Carol J. Strickland, PhDGeorgia Southern University

Carol J. Strickland, PhD, RN, is retired from teaching but served for seven years as associate professor of nursing and director of nursing research at Georgia Southern University School of Nursing in Statesboro, Georgia. She worked in nursing at the University of Rochester School of Nursing in Rochester, New York, for twenty-four years, where she received her PhD in nursing. She has published numerous articles in the area of psychiatric mental health nursing practice, psychoneuroimmunology, and sociology.

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