Global Strategy
Global Strategy

Global Strategy

Lead Author(s): Peter Zamborsky

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Global Strategy emphasizes the impact of uncertainty on the strategies of firms operating across borders, with a context-sensitive, action-driven, design-led approach.


The book is linked to eight cases developed to accompany it. Three of these cases (IKEA: Sensing Context; Microsoft: Driving Market; and Sony: Redesigning Business) are an integral part of this interactive text and are linked to the core elements of the book's conceptual framework. The other five of these cases are available in full-length format (each case is about 5,000-words long) with teaching notes (about 3,000 words each) in SAGE Business Cases (one of them, entitled 'Haier: Integrating Innovation', is also available with teaching notes as part of this text). Each chapter is also linked to other strategy and international business cases from SAGE, Harvard, Ivey, Wiley and other sources (over 300 in total). SAGE Business Cases is a digital collection allowing students to access cases for free via subscriber libraries.

The book also contains over two dozen mini-cases, summarized below:

  • Ch. 1: Infosys, General Motors, Scotch producers
  • Ch. 2: Ford, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy
  • Ch. 3: Tesla, Huawei
  • Ch. 4: Carrefour, Pernod Ricard, Tata/Jaguar
  • Ch. 5: Subway, Apple, Harley Davidson
  • Ch. 6: Netflix, Boeing, Wal-mart
  • Ch. 7: Madoff, IKEA, Facebook, Volkswagen
  • Ch. 8: Tata, HSBC
  • Ch. 9: Research in Motion, Procter & Gamble, Haier
  • Ch. 10: Danone, Global Hotel Alliance

In addition to SAGE cases and this book's 3 cases and 26 mini-cases, its chapters are matched with Harvard Business School Cases, Ivey Business School Cases, and cases from Journal of Case Studies and Global Business & Organizational Excellence. You can search for cases (using keywords, chapter titles and other search criteria) via this link.

Ivey Business School Cases (available in a digital Top Hat format) linked to chapters:

Harvard Business School Cases linked to chapters: