Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles of Financial Accounting

Principles of Financial Accounting

Lead Author(s): Regan Garey

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This textbook introduces students to basic Financial Accounting concepts in an interactive format, with many embedded questions throughout the chapters.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Principles of Financial Accounting 

Chapter 2: Framework and Types of Entities 

Chapter 3: Recording Transactions

Chapter 4: Adjusting Journal Entries 

Chapter 5: Adjusted Trial Balance, Closing the books and the Post-Closing Trial Balance 

Chapter 6: Service and Manufacturing Firms 

Chapter 7: Accounting Cycle - Putting the pieces together

Chapter 8: Current and Long term Assets 

Chapter 9: Current and Long term Liabilities

Chapter 10: Stocks, Bonds and other Investment Vehicles

Chapter 11:Statement of Cash Flow

Chapter 12: Financial Statement Analysis