Treasure for Heaven
Treasure for Heaven

Treasure for Heaven

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A philosophy worksheet from the FHSU Scholars Repository.

Treasure for Heaven 

​Cephalus suggests that a certain amount of wealth is needed to bear old age easily – to secure the basic comforts of life, presumably – but beyond this, its chief benefit is in helping prepare for the afterlife. The traditional stories have it that justice is rewarded in the afterlife and injustice punished. The good thing about wealth is that it can save us from injustice: from having to cheat or deceive others in pursuit of money, and from having to die with unpaid debts.


Does the pursuit of money ever require a person to cheat or deceive others?


Consider the rule of commerce “Buy cheap, sell dear.” Can a person live by this rule and remain just?


Is there any reason to believe that gods exist, and that they care about or are in any way influenced by sacrifices (devotional religious practices)?


Is there any reason to believe there will be an afterlife where justice is rewarded and injustice punished?


Suppose we had reason to believe there are no rewards or punishments in an afterlife. Would we still have reason to be just?


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