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Explorando delivers Spanish content in a way that is iterative and highly interactive through what the authors call a ‘QUEST framework’. Through the QUEST framework, students learn Spanish in such a way that allows them to make meaningful connections between the words/phrases they are learning within the text and relevant characters/occurrences in their lives. The text will enable instructors to adapt content and it will give both students and instructors choice of what content and what technologies to use.

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​Hi there, and welcome to Explorando - Top Hat's Introduction to Spanish text! We hope you have a great experience with this course and our text.

Explorando focuses on contemporary and topical cultural themes to help you stay engaged as you listen, speak, write and read a new language. We hope you enjoy learning with us!

Each chapter within Explorando will follow a QUEST framework to facilitate a smooth progression through each chapter. QUEST is an acronym for: Questions, Understanding and Exploring, Synthesis, Test.

Q (Essential Question / Pregunta esencial)

The Questions are the overall driving force of the chapter.  Your goal as a learner is to demonstrate that you can understand and answer these essential questions. Questions are highlighted at the beginning of each QUEST and are aligned to the ACTFL Standards embedded throughout each QUEST.  You will frequently encounter a map such as the one below, which will outline what you will be learning in a particular section of the text.

UE (Understanding and Exploring / Comprensión y exploración)

The Understanding and Exploring section of each QUEST chapter is where you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to build your capacity in answering the chapter's central question. These sections include a range of new vocabulary, grammatical explanations, and culture notes. In-class, your instructor will facilitate comprehensive in-class activities based on what you learned in the chapter's UE section to enhance your practice with your peers!

S (Synthesis / Síntesis)

The Synthesis component is the independent practice part of each quest which provides you with activities to apply what they have learned.

Throughout UE and S, you will notice the following sections:

1. Under The Magnifying Glass/Bajo la lupa - this section brings you deeper into the exploration of a particular Spanish-speaking country's culture, including food, past-times and celebrations!

2. Cuidado Boxes - these boxes usually serve as 'alerts' for those 'tricky' grammar and pronunciation concepts you are learning in the chapter.

3. Brain Breaks - Take a break once you get to this section! There are some fun links for you to follow here.

T (Chapter Test / Capitulo prueba)

Have you mastered the chapter's central question and its key concepts? From taking the Chapter Test, you will be able to apply everything that you have learned and assess your progress.

How to use your interactive book

Among the things you will frequently encounter in our texts are embedded questions. Depending on your professor, these may be graded for participation or correctness. There are six types of questions we have to offer. Let's take a look at one of each:

1) Multiple Choice: Simply click on the correct answer. There may be more than one correct answer, which is indicated with, "Select all of the above that apply."​

Question 1.01 - Example Multiple Choice Question

Which of the countries below has Spanish as its' first official language?









2) Word Answer: Type your answer into the appropriate box. Be careful with your spelling!

Question 1.02 - Example Word Answer

In Spanish, "hello" is translated as _____.

3) Matching: Click on an item in the left-hand column, then click on its match in the right-hand column to align them.

Question 1.03 - Example Matching Question

Match the celebrations below to the Spanish-speaking country it belongs to.


Cinco de Mayo




Sanfermines ('Running of the Bulls')




Señor de los Milagros



4) Click on Target: These questions will be accompanied by a picture. You must click on the correct part of the picture, usually an indicated "hotspot." Sometimes multiple clicks are allowed.

Question 1.04 - Example Click on Target Question

Click on the book that is the color, 'rosado'.

5) Sorting: Click on an option and drag it into the proper order.

Question 1.05 - Example Sorting Question

Sort the following animals from biggest to smallest.







​6) Discussion: This type of question is indicated in the top banner. Type your answer in the appropriate space below the question.  

Question 1.06 - Example Discussion Question

After completing the chapters in this textbook, how do you plan on using this new language you have learned?

7) YouSeeU Question: Students can view a video and respond with their own video or a document, as well as participate in group activities. 

Professor: Creating a Video Assignment (Premium)https://support.tophat.com/s/article/Professor-Creating-a-Video-Assignment

Throughout the text, you will see bold, blue popups on key terms. When you move your mouse over the term, the appropriate definition will appear. 

Prior to using this textbook, be sure to download an adblocker, such as https://adblockplus.org/. There are so many interactive videos and games in this book - having an adblocker will be sure to prevent your learning experience from being interrupted with ads.

Finally, we're here to help with any technical issues you are having with the platform. Please reach out to the Support Team as needed by emailing support@tophat.com or check out our Support page by clicking here

Welcome to Explorando! Now let's get started...

Sometimes popups will be used to show definitions, grammar explanations and/or translations.