Ways of Knowing, 4e
Ways of Knowing, 4e

Ways of Knowing, 4e

Lead Author(s): Yale D. Belanger

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This book is designed as a thematically organized text for students in introductory courses in Indigenous Studies who are being introduced to Indigenous issues for the first time. It is framed from an academic perspective and addresses the Indigenous intellectual tradition and the academic study of Indigenous peoples. Taking a historically grounded approach and writing in a narrative style that largely avoids technical language, Belanger includes unique chapters on Indigenous philosophy, Indigenous peoples’ relationship with the land, political economy, and the arts. It also highlights the sociopolitical and socioeconomic challenges currently facing Canada’s Indigenous leaders and their communities nationally.

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Ways of Knowing, Forth Edition
by Yale D. Belanger and Maura Hanrahan

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Yale Belanger:

All of my teachers, past, present, future

Maura Hanrahan: 

To my students, past and present