Introduction to Journalism, Second Edition
Introduction to Journalism, Second Edition

Introduction to Journalism, Second Edition

Lead Author(s): April Brown

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Explains the basic tenants of the profession, provides some historical context and details on how it is being practiced today for prospective journalists.


This introduction to journalism explains the basic tenets of the profession, provides some historical context and uses primarily recent examples to inform prospective journalists and those who simply want to become better informed.  As a professional journalist, I approached this project as I do my other work, starting with research and then synthesizing the information into this online textbook.  It is intended to be an interactive guide to engage students and not a comprehensive history of the profession, which is why there are lists of suggested readings on themes found in the chapters. Though the material focuses mainly on journalism in the United States, I examine how it is practiced in other countries and share information about restrictions and challenges journalists face around the world.

Most discussion questions are given for participation points only, to encourage students to think critically about a particular issue they may have never considered, or give them an opportunity to try something new without penalty.  There are also quiz/exam questions based on the text of the book that are graded on accuracy only.

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