Analytics to Action: Social Media Measurement and Analytics, 2nd Edition
Analytics to Action: Social Media Measurement and Analytics, 2nd Edition

Analytics to Action: Social Media Measurement and Analytics, 2nd Edition

Lead Author(s): Tim Cigelske

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Analytics to Action provides an overview of social media analytics and measurement strategy, from optimizing content and engagement to using metrics and reporting.

First impressions  

Impression [noun]: A metric indicating a single instance that content is seen by a user on the internet 

Welcome to social media analytics and measurement! 

This textbook is a collaboration between Tim Cigelske and Benjamin Morse, and in this textbook you'll hear examples, case studies and methods from both of us about how to use numbers and data to inform social media. 

Tim is currently the director of integrated content Marquette University, a professor in the Diederich College of Communication and a social media consultant. Ben is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he teaches classes in Podcasting and Public Relations and also supervises the student-staffed digital media agency Rebel Media Group; he previously spent 10 years as an editor and content creator in the New Media department at Marvel Entertainment. 

Perhaps you've never considered the idea of using social media analytics. But if you've ever paid attention to which of your posts get the most likes on Instagram or retweets on Twitter or screenshots on Snapchat, you've already thought about the world of social media measurement. 

Or maybe you've been tasked to tally up likes on a Facebook page as part of an internship. Maybe that experience has led you to wonder what else you should be paying attention to or what other analytics tools are available. 

Whatever your prior experience, this course will help you understand why we use social media analytics, how it can give you a deeper understanding of strategy, and how to create a social media system that you can use for jobs and internships.

This book is meant to be interactive, so each chapter will have a short graded discussion question to get you involved, thinking about and absorbing the content you just read. Starting... now. 

First impressions

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