Women in Media
Women in Media

Women in Media

Lead Author(s): Sherri Johnson

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Women in Media focuses on women as journalism professionals and as subjects of the media.


Women in Media: An Introduction

Module 1: Women as Media Activists

Chapter 1 The Fight for Rights: 1830-1920

Chapter 2 The Fight for Rights: 1960s-1980s

Chapter 3 The Fight for Rights: 1990s-2009

Chapter 4 The Fight for Rights: 2010-now

Module 2: Body Image in the Media Mirror

Chapter 5 An Obsession with Perfection

Chapter 6 Advertising's Little White Lies

Module 3: Women as Subjects of the Media

Chapter 7 Who Matters? News Coverage of the Missing

Chapter 8 What Did She Wear? Politicians & Public Officials

Module 4: Women as Media Professionals

Chapter 9 Names to Know: Pioneer Journalists

Chapter 10 Names to Know: Prominent Journalists