From Entry Level to Executive All Communication Counts
From Entry Level to Executive All Communication Counts

From Entry Level to Executive All Communication Counts

Lead Author(s): Janine Fox, Kelley Finley

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All Communication Counts seeks to provide a clear and straightforward approach to understanding, organizing, and creating presentations. It also gives valuable information about communication in the professional world. Although communication has been practiced for thousands of years, the public still fears the thought of speech writing and speech giving. Easing these fears and replacing them with confidence is a goal of this book as well. The history of public speaking, communication principles, communication process, and communication apprehension create the foundation of communication studies.


Janine Fox

God has abundantly blessed me, especially with people who have inspired me.

Within me exist pieces of their influence, and this text is dedicated to a few of them, with my heartfelt gratitude:

My parents, Jim and Cecelia McCord, who taught me I could do anything I set my mind to…and pushed me to finish.

My Speech colleagues at SPC, who are encouraging, thoughtful, and wise in many things and in many ways.

Bolanle Olaniran and Kendra Rivera, for being the positive motivation in graduate school, guiding my love for communication research.

And to Brian, who lets me be the “expert” almost every time.

Kelley Finley

With all my love and gratitude I dedicate this book to:

Stacey and Michelle Dunn, my parents, who gave me everything I needed to succeed and then cheered me on.

Laura Dickinson, my first speech professor who introduced me to the world of communication.

Virginia Myers, my mentor speech professor whose love and passion for communication created my own.

And to Paul, the most special kid in speech class.

Photo of the authors. Kelley and Janine closeup.