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Take Charge of Your Education

Top Hat gives you the tools to improve your grades—and succeed


Higher education is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So take advantage of every opportunity—especially in the classroom. Students who use Top Hat report that lectures are more fun and compelling, that they pick up new concepts faster and that they can track their progress more effectively. The best part: with Top Hat, you’re better equipped to graduate at the top of the class.

Ten great reasons to use Top Hat

  1. 1 Our app works on any WiFi-connected device
  2. 2 Much easier to use compared to clickers because you don't have to worry about leaving hardware at home or batteries running low
  3. 3 Get credit for attending class
  4. 4 Follow along on the instructor’s slides or review them after class
  5. 5 Answer in-class questions anonymously—and get immediate feedback
  6. 6 Develop critical thinking skills: engage more deeply with course material, discuss concepts with classmates, and dive into interactive content
  7. 7 Check your understanding along the way with self-assessment options
  8. 8 Interactive assignments means concepts come to life and are more fun to learn because they’re connected to what you're learning in the classroom
  9. 9 Track progress in and out of the classroom through the Top Hat Gradebook
  10. 10 Top Hat educational content provides higher value for money than traditional publishers' course materials. Our content is fresh and up-to-date so you get the latest and greatest on the topic you’re studying

Student at Dalhousie University

“I thought this was the most engaging course I have ever been in… The environment of the class allowed for students to be open about their opinions.”

Student at the University of Oregon

“I love how inexpensive it is to buy a Top Hat textbook compared to my other textbooks. And I can pull the app up on my phone and see what the rest of the class is thinking.”

Student at California State University, Channel Islands

“There’s a Top Hat mini quiz practically every class. It gives me the reinforcement I need to feel prepared for the tests”

Student at California State University, Channel Islands

“If I get a Top Hat question right I immediately get that rewarded feeling. A lightbulb goes on, like, I do actually know this material!”

Top Hat is extremely easy to use—but we’ll help if you run into trouble

  • Before your course starts, you’ll receive a personalized email invitation, which includes all relevant sign up info
  • You’ll get extensive support documentation on all things Top Hat, with interactive videos included
  • If you ever need help, our technical support team will get back to you in under 24 hours
  • Get instant responses to FAQs on our support site

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