Through a campus-wide license agreement, educators at NC State University are already experiencing the benefits of Top Hat’s student engagement platform. But that’s only the start of how Top Hat can help instructors improve their courses.

Leverage the Power of Top Hat

Engage students in class: Leverage students’ devices in-class to increase participation, and get real-time feedback and answers to questions

Create interactive homework: Create or customize assignments that continue the classroom discussion and assess whether students have mastered material

Find new course content: Improve learning with affordable and customizable educational content from the Top Hat Marketplace

Author interactive content: Create, share and sell your own interactive textbooks, question packs and discussion modules in the Top Hat Marketplace.

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Group of students engaged in lecture hall by their professor

See how Top Hat users at NC State University leverage the power of Top Hat


Robin Thomas, Senior Lecturer, Accounting

“Since I could immediately see student responses to my questions, I was able to quickly customize my teaching in order to reinforce topics they were struggling with. In addition, by allowing my class to submit responses anonymously , students could see they were not the only ones struggling with a particular topic – which helped them feel more comfortable asking questions in class.”​


Christopher Mariani, Associate Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery

“Top Hat is a game-changing piece of software that blows away the student response programs I’ve used in the past. Enabling students to use a phone, computer or tablet over a clicker brings a number of advantages – it’s convenient for professors, it makes it easy for students to enter longer text responses to questions, they always remember to bring their phones to class & most importantly, Top Hat provides real-time feedback that helps to inform your learning sessions.”


Lisa S. Falk, Teaching Asst Professor, Marine, Earth And Atmospheric Sciences

“I’ve found that students who are reluctant to speak up in class are much more willing to contribute through Top Hat. They tell me that they prefer Top Hat because they can go back and review previous slides, which helps them absorb the material, and build better reasoning during class discussions.”

Top Hat has been proven to increase engagement among students and improve learning outcomes


of students strongly prefer Top Hat to other engagement tools

(Christopher Kondo, Department of Marketing, California State University Fullerton)


of students said Top Hat helped to increase understanding of course material

(Krystal Drysdale and Dr. Orlen Grunewald, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University)


of students said they learned the same or more using content from the Top Hat Marketplace than with a printed textbook

(Professor Carrie Miller, Department of Biology and Chemistry, Azusa Pacific University)

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