Assessment Solutions

Top Hat’s powerful combination of formative and summative assessment tools allows institutions to track student performance and improve persistence, completion and learning outcomes

Educators prefer Top Hat for assessment

  • Top Hat is a cloud-based platform that works on students’ devices, so there’s no need to purchase extra hardware

  • Both formative and summative assessment capabilities help instructors identify students in need of extra support as well as opportunities to course-correct

  • Prompting in-class discussion and motivating students to participate with their devices is easy, regardless of class size

  • Secure exam and autograding ensures academic integrity remains high and administrative burden on instructors remains low

  • Individual student progress and attendance is tracked and automatically synced with your LMS

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Monitor student progress, teaching efficacy and learning outcomes

  • Top Hat’s cloud based platform gathers engagement and assessment data in real-time

  • Identify trends at scale and diagnose problems

  • Take action to improve learning outcomes

Save students money

  • Instructors at hundreds of institutions have replaced hardware clickers with Top Hat’s powerful platform

  • Because Top Hat uses the devices students already own, you save them money

  • Turn distracting devices into a powerful learning tool

See how OSU saved students $1.8M

Implementing Top Hat campus-wide is easy

Faculty at your institution may already be using Top Hat. Extending the benefits campus-wide is easy.

  • We’ll work with you to meet your affordability goals. Flexible student-paid and institution-paid options are available

  • Clicker buyback programs are available, and we’ll help you come up with a plan to educate and transition faculty to Top Hat

  • We’ll assign a team of instructional designers and dedicated account managers to ensure faculty are trained and prepared for the first day of class

  • Student technical support is available year-round, so faculty can rely on Top Hat to answer student questions


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